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A Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce

Ecommerce challenges any businessperson, especially those who have experienced it before. The term itself means buying and selling online. Ecommerce technology makes doing business online safe and secure, making it

Merchant Services


Visit Cayan Cayan is currently our number one rated merchant service provider for small and mid-sized businesses. While their marketing efforts rarely highlight terms such as “lowest rates”, reviewing the total costs that their merchants


Preparing Your Small Business for Mobile Payments

In the last decade, mobile technology has made significant strides and smartphones have become ubiquitous. All of this indicates that mobile payment technology will soon become a standard option for


Is Square Right for Your Business Processing Needs?

Square Processing Is Convenient, But Is It Practical? Square credit card processing services provide individuals with a convenient and affordable way to accept payments from their smart phones. The question


Avoiding Costly Mistake with Your Merchant Account

There are several things that can occur that can cause a credit card processor to shut down the merchant account of a small business. By understanding how to avoid these


Credit Card Processing: Myths & Misconceptions

Deciding to initialize service between a small business and a credit card processing account is vital to making your small business legitimate in the eyes of customers. It is simple


Preparing your Business for the EMV Liability Shift

With summer approaching, many merchants are happily awaiting a boon in business as customers flock to spend their hard earned dollars on everything from vacation goodies to back-to-school supplies. Unbeknownst


Credit Card Processing by Telephone

For small business owners, many orders are processed far differently than for larger businesses; often through mail orders and telephone orders. Rather than processing orders online or being scanned at