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Individuals working with Cayan, are working with the best. The company is our top rated merchant service provider based on their commitment to providing the lowest overall cost and delivering a superior in-house customer service experience to their merchants.

  • Cayan
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  • Published on: February 26, 2016
  • Last modified: June 1, 2016

Review Summary:

Individuals working with Cayan, are working with the best. The company is our top rated merchant service provider based on their commitment to providing the lowest overall cost and delivering a superior in-house customer service experience to their merchants.

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Cayan is currently our number one rated merchant service provider for small and mid-sized businesses. While their marketing efforts rarely highlight terms such as “lowest rates”, reviewing the total costs that their merchants see, we believe that Cayan offers the best and lowest pricing available. What really sets them apart however is that in addition to their low cost, they also are one of the few merchant service providers with an in-house customer service and product/technical support team. In addition with the number of new payment technologies hitting the market today, it is reassuring to see a processor that is not only aware of them but leading the industry in payment technology acceptance.

Cayan is know for having some of the lowest overall pricing in the industry, the result of 2 main factors. To begin with, as Cayan developed into a leader in the space they consistently negotiated to lower the wholesale processing costs they were being charged by leveraging their growing portfolio base’s size and strength. The second reason is a direct result of their in-house sales staff, which undergoes extensive training before being added to the team (one of the individuals we spoke to spent 3 months in training before he was able to take phone calls directly). Merchants who work with Cayan will be asked a number of questions about their business in order to identify both the manner in which cards are being accepted, as well as the type of cards that will likely be accepted (if you have processing statements already this can help them dramatically lower your existing costs as well). With this information their sales reps are able to customize processing plans tailored to fit your business. Often when comparing the lowest rate advertised/offered by Cayan compared to a competitor, the Cayan rate is not the lowest – however the competitor may be telling you about a rate on a card/acceptance method that your business will never/rarely see. Overall cost is what merchants should be focused on and Cayan seems committed to ensuring that their merchants pay the minimum possible.


Additionally Cayan recently made some updates to their offerings to cater to smaller merchants. Previously working with a traditional merchant account had the drawback that in order to provide services such as customer and technical support, merchant service providers include a monthly minimum on their accounts. This monthly minimum is typically reached through the merchant service fees, however smaller merchants (those processing less than $1500 a month) were routinely left having to pay additional amounts when their monthly fees only reached between $0-25.  This is actually the reason that payment aggregators such as Square became so popular, while their cost per transaction were significantly higher, the lack of minimums made them a cost saving option for many smaller merchants. Cayan however recognized the issue this was causing and now has a small business option, while this option does have slightly higher fees than their traditional accounts, it does not have minimums or many of the other fees associated with a traditional account, and more importantly merchants that sign up with this option have access to the customer and technical support that aggregators do not provide. For small business owners that do not process over $1500 a month, or are just getting started, this is a fantastic option for getting up and running. Also if after a few months your business is easily surpassing $1500 a month in processing, you can quickly call in and update your account to take advantage of the savings Cayan can offer.

For seasonal business that may be open only during part of the year, we highly recommend contacting Cayan and letting them know more about your business. With an in-house trained sales staff, they are fully aware of the issues surrounding these businesses and can work with you to ensure that your merchant account is set up for a seasonal business.

The company was originally founded in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts as Merchant Warehouse. Focused on providing merchants with credit card processing terminals at or near cost, the company quickly gained market share as previously many small business owners were paying between 300%-400% over retail costs for their credit card terminals, or signed to leasing agreements where monthly fees quickly overshadowed the total cost of the terminals. Seizing on the growth of the internet and their pricing on terminals, Merchant Warehouse quickly grew to become a dominant ISO in the space and as we mentioned leveraged their size to negotiate lower processing costs, and passing those savings on to their merchants.

Recently the company began analyzing the marketplace and realized that as payment options continued to grow with the number of smartphones in the market, merchants were left behind while big box retailers began to develop their own platforms. The company now has merchant service offerings that allow merchants to grow from accepting their first payment all the way through running multiple franchises leveraging multiple payment options and customer engagement possibilities. In fact they were one of the first companies in the payments space to deliver to market a scalable product for handling new payment technologies, such as mobile payments, NFC, QR codes, EMV, and a variety of other options. This commitment will serve their merchants well as customers begin to ask for these types of options in the coming years. Cayan has also recently partnered with a loyalty and gift card program, allowing their merchants to immediately add these options to their existing merchant service plans when they are ready.

At this time we feel that Cayan is the best option for small and medium businesses looking to both save money, as well as prepare their business for the payment solutions of the future. You can request a quote from one of their sales representatives at or you can call them directly at (844) 239-0149.

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Cayan is our top rated merchant service provider based on their commitment to providing the lowest overall cost and delivering a superior in-house customer service experience to their merchants.

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  1. David King
    November 10, 13:54 Reply
    So I called Cayan to get a quote for processing my credit cards for our company. Now I have been processing credit cards for over 23 years. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SCREWED THIS BAD EVER! They quoted me a rate of 1.7% to a max of 1.9% - so I told them my first transaction would be $16,400 and the gave me the cost of about $350 for the fee. WELL 10 days later they took $614 out of my account. I called and then the run around started. I called customer service and they said - this is the rate due to the amount of the charge. Then I called my sales person and he did not call me back, then I sent emails and finally the sales person sent me a generic email for me to call customer service. I called customer service and they were very nice, but said they would have to send my rate issue to a supervisor. Well she called me back and left me a message and said "this is your rate"! So the message here is if you want to get SCREWED then sign up for CAYAN! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If you do not think my story is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people that have been SCREWED by CAYAN!
  2. K. Webb
    January 05, 20:03 Reply
    If you like being on hold for over 15 minutes to speak to someone while trying to access your account that shows invalid password and will not let you access your monthly statements every month then this is the company to process your bank cards.
  3. Dan McFalls
    September 10, 17:48 Reply
    Every interaction I've had with this company has been a huge disappointment. They say one thing and mean another or are just plain speechless. My recent beef is the new AMEX arrangement. I don't want it. It clearly states that I can opt-out on the back of the letter. I called and was told there is no such option. Only to cancel accepting AMEX. That is my next step since AMEX has been such a pain in the butt. Then leave Cayan next.
  4. Laurie N
    November 16, 22:40 Reply
    CAYAN YOU HAVE THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I was going to be a Cayan customer and then cancelled. It was confirmed to me that you cancelled the account and there was no equipment. The account has been closed since AUGUST. Out of nowhere, yesterday you decide that it would be a good idea to STEAL $500.00 of my money from my bank account THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE YOU TAKE for equipment that I did not use. I ASKED YOUR GUYS IF THERE HAPPENED TO BE EQUIPMENT SENT TO ME WHAT WOULD BE DONE -- they stated -- in AUGUST that they would send me a return label - NEVER WAS A RETURN LABEL SENT, AND NEVER WAS A REQUEST FOR EQUIPMENT SUBMITTED. In fact the equipment that you claim was "delivered" to me was not even DELIVERED TO ME. NOW THAT I'VE DONE YOUR JOB AND FIGURED OUT WHERE THE EQUIPMENT IS - YOUR COMPANY IS STILL HOLDING MY $500.00 -- that you should never have taken -- even though there is no RECORD OF YOU SENDING ME A RETURN LABEL OR ASKING FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT - I EVEN ASKED TWO DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS FOR LABELS - IN AUGUST - IN CASE ANYTHING WAS SHIPPED TO ME AND NOTHING WAS SENT. THEN YESTERDAY, THE GUY HELPING ME REFUSED TO ISSUE ME A RETURN TAG - AND YOUR COMPANY IS STILL REFUSING TO REVERSE THE CHARGE UNTIL YOU GET YOUR EQUIPMENT BACK - You can't even give me a few days to get the label you never sent and get the equipment that I did not ask for sent back to you before TAKING MY MONEY WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION? I will be telling EVERYONE I know about this experience, and will be seeking legal advice on this!!!!

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