How to Select an Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is considerably the cheapest way a company can promote its website, products or services. Virtually everyone is on the internet every day. Through email marketing, a company can reach millions of potential customers in an instant. Email marketing is effective in not only advertising company products but communicating with consumers. Through email marketing, a company can keep itself current, relevant and fresh. Customers, on the other hand, will be loyal due to constant flow of applicable information and updates.

An email marketing service is vital to a company’s promotional needs. It enables the company to advertise to a wider clientele in a simple, effective manner. It is laborious and near impossible for a company to send out emails individually to all its customers. This is why a marketing service is necessary. The taxing job of sending thousands of emails is simplified into a manageable file with all company clients. Through one click, a single email is delivered to thousands of customers. Conversely, the company will also be able to determine how many customers opened the email, how many visited the site, etc. This is all valuable information that will help a company improve on email marketing and presentation.When selecting an email marketing service, a number of factors have to be considered.Ask some vital questions

What do you need the email marketing service for? Every email marketing service has the features it offers. You need to determine which of those features are most relevant to your company needs. If you are looking to send out scheduled messages to your clients, RSS feeds or newsletters, a autoresponder will be ideal for this.

Are you emailing new or existing customers? Email marketing services can work with a list of existing clients, but they can also help you come up with a new one. They can create a program that works with the number of customers subscribed, and those that you may add later. However, make sure your email marketing service can manage the number of clients you have. If not, look for one that can accommodate you and your growing list.


Pricing varies with every email marketing service. It will also vary depending on how often you send out your emails and the number of people you send them out to. There are four different pricing versions that you can consider.

• A monthly flat fee that is based on the frequency of emails sent. This works best if you send emails regularly to many subscribers.
• A monthly fee is charged depending on the number of emails sent. This is almost opposite of a monthly flat fee. It is ideal if you send emails regularly, but have a long clientele list.
• Pay as you go pricing is more of a pre-pay kind of deal. You purchase credit, and it is deducted every time you email your clients.
• Campaign monitor charges per every email sent and an additional fee for every receiver. This is actually on the higher side.

There are free options available that you could utilize instead of the aforementioned. MailChimp is one of the free email marketing services. If you have less than five hundred recipients and send only 3,000 emails a month, you get the service for free. Whether to pay or not to pay will depend on your budget and your company needs. There are services that will certainly require paying because they offer superior quality. Bottom line, work within your financial budget.

Have a marketing strategy

An email marketing strategy will give you a clear direction as to where you are headed and what you need to get there. Compare email marketing services and see which one offers what your company needs. You can run free tests on the services to see how each performs. This will help you determine the best. Once you have decided on an email marketing service, work on achieving your objectives based on the outlined strategy.

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