How to Design a Professional Business Card

Creating your company business card is one of the key components in developing your marketing plan, and getting more business. Most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t think this is an important step, but on the contrary this could make or break your success. Here are just a few tips, tricks, and advice for small business owners on developing a world-class business card.


Why Develop a World Class Business Card?

developing a world-class business card is crucial when it comes to the success of your business. When you handled the business card to somebody, you don’t want them to think you’re an amateur because your card is sub par. You want to be seen as a professional and in order to be seen as a professional, you need a professional looking business card.


What Should I Include on my Business Card?

Your business card should also be an extension of who you are and what you do. You should exuberant confidence, and tell your potential clients/customers in a few words what they can expect from you. One of the key roles of design is that less is more. It doesn’t matter if were talking about a website, a book cover, or business card, the main idea here is that less is more. You don’t want to bombard somebody looking at your business card with a plethora of information that probably isn’t too relevant at that point. You just want to introduce yourself. You don’t want to force them to read a novel and an entire history of yourself and your business. Simple cards are known to look more confident. All that you really need is your name, your title, and your contact information.


The Look

You can never go wrong with the car that is clean, modern, sleek, and stylish. There are so many choices of business cards out there; creative and unique looking styles that twist and fold into different shapes and reveal Hidden messages. That might be a little too much for your business. Cards that do crazy things are more for printing companies, business card making companies, or artists to showcase their creativity. If you are an accountant or real estate agent you’re going to want something more basic and straightforward. Your card should reflect who you are as a person and tell a little bit about your personality. If your humorous person you can definitely add a small hint of humor on your card by adding a comic, a funny line, or even just a wacky graphic. But again, you shouldn’t take up the entire card with information and jokes. It’s simple. The main point of a business card is to introduce yourself and get people to notice you, and remember you.

Focus on the Font

If you’re not familiar with different fonts or text styles, you should definitely look into hiring a graphic designer. I have seen so many business owners make this mistake. They have a beautiful card with lots of potential but the style of font that they used such as a basic Times New Roman, made their whole business card look very amateur, unprofessional, and cheap. Even though these people may have spent up to $50 getting these cards printed at Vista print. They could have had the same card printed for the same price with a more beautiful font and had a much nicer, more professional looking card. It’s really amazing how much a style of text and also the use of space on the card can make a world of difference. Some people like to play that they are a graphic designer, but graphic designer’s usually have a different eye for design and utilizing space, color and making a card jump out at you. The average person not have the skill, and so no matter how hard they work on designing their own card, they might never be able to design a world-class card.

In this case, if an entrepreneur or business owner is dead set on designing their own business card, they should check out the web and try to replicate one of their favorite business card designs. They can even purchase a design template if needed.


How to Make the Most of Your Business Card

Before you get to work on designing your business card, you should definitely cover all your bases and make sure that you gather all the information that is going to be pertinent to your business to get the most effective possible business card.

You should most definitely have a purpose for your business card. Are you planning to use your business card as a marketing tool? Or do you simply just want to stand out for your competition? Answering the questions like these can help you decide what will be the most important things to put on your business card.

When deciding what type of information to put on your business card, you should keep in mind that your clients will want to know how they can best get in touch with you, if you have a phone number and you preferred to be reached by phone or by text, you should outline on your business card. Make sure to include your name (obvious, but some people forget this part), and perhaps even an email address or your physical location such as your office address. You can sometimes even choose to include your social media information if that is something that you wish to showcase. Do not include it if you’re not proud to show off your social media profiles.


Back Space

Using the back of your business card can also relate even more information to your potential clients or customers, and can leave you with a nice spacious front side without crowding too much information on it. This is often a good idea if you want to include your picture on the front of your business card or include some type of graphic, or if you want your company logo to be a bit larger and stand out. Using raised ink for your company logo or your name is also a great way to stand out amongst your competition. People love feeling raised print, and for some reason it makes him less likely to throw away your business card because it makes you feel more valuable to them.

The quality of paper that you choose is also important. The other day I was at Staples and I got a receipt printed out for something that I had shipped. I was feeling the paper and I noticed how smooth and durable it felt it was an amazing paper and not just something that I was eager to throw away. I wanted to show my friends how nice that paper felt when I was standing in line. Sometimes, The smallest things can excite people and make you stand out from the rest.


Use Standard Sizing

Some people try to be unique, and they use overly large business cards. Business cards of this size do not fit in anybody’s wallet and they won’t have any place to put it. You want something that’s a standard size that can easily fit into a business card holder or somebody’s wallet. Even if you opt for a unique shape or a smaller size, this could be somewhat awkward for the person receiving your business card and can make them not want to hold onto it for very long.


Proofread & Edit!

It’s time to bring out the grammar monster in you. If you’re not too good with grammar or spelling, you should have somebody who is quickly glance over your business card and make sure there are no mistakes on it. What’s one of the worst possible situations that could happen once your cards are printed? You receive a stack of beautifully designed, beautifully laid out, professional looking, all-round amazing business cards; but wait! There’s a typo. What a disaster that would be. You would have to re-order your card with the spelling or grammar situation corrected and pay for the new cards to be printed. Unless it’s the fault of the print shop, but in most cases if you provided the information, the fault would be on you.

The way that you style your business card is extremely important to show off who you are, what you do, and can determine the success of your business. This is definitely something that you should not skimp out on when making your business plan.


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