How to Create Basic Marketing Material for a Small Business

Marketing materials are essential to the growth and development of a small business. They advertise the business to other businesses, to potential clients and to prospective investors. Print media is the avenue mostly utilized in the creation of marketing materials. Every business needs to invest in this form of advertising because it is all-embracing, effective and long lasting. Other reasons why marketing materials are essential for business promotion are;

• It is a good way to introduce a new product into the market. It’s also a good way to re-launch an existing product.
• It is a way to present your business and products to your customers and potential clients.
• Marketing materials add to a company’s character.
• It is an advertising strategy, especially at trade shows, seminars and business summits.
• Marketing materials can help a business attract new customers.A business can use a number of different printed materials to reach its market. The most popularly used methods to create marketing materials include;


Business cards are a common marketing tool in the business world. Currently, because of technological advancements, business cards have become quite catchy. They have more information, yet it is necessary business details. The graphics and designs are also unique and varied. Most business cards are printed on both sides. The key to a good business card is that it ought to be impressive, distinctive, have appropriate details, and it should be a keeper.

Brochures are another form of paper marketing materials. These can hold a lot more information and images as well. Brochures can present different aspects of the business thus they are very useful, especially at trade shows or seminars. They can also be placed at the business reception area for customers to peruse through and get a general idea of the business. Brochures that are printed in color are very appealing and most customers are drawn to them. products

Clothing that has the business logo on it is basically a walking advertisement. This form of advertising draws curiosity, which is good. When someone asks about the business, it will be easy to dive into it and elaborate what it’s all about. It is a way of advertising and selling the business at the same time.

Pens, bags and calendars are other company products used as marketing materials. These are usually given out to clients and potential clients free of charge. They are a good way of keeping the business in a customer’s mind and view. Business identity

This consists of everyday products that the business uses. For example, any mail sent should be written out on paper that has the business’s letterhead. The envelopes too should have contact details of the business. This solidifies the business’s identity while at the same time promoting the business. A business logo is a representation of the business as a whole. It should be prominent and unique. It should be an image that stands out such that, when customers and investors see it, they immediately know what business it symbolizes.


In this day and age, the fastest way to reach clientele is through the internet. Building a website is one marketing material that is limitless. A business owner can easily and efficiently advertise his products, services and business. This, in addition, provides a m a strong relationship with customers. There is open communicate with clientele and through this, a business can resourcefully expand.

Another way to utilize the internet is through email. A business can include its business contacts, logo, web address, contact information, etc. at the bottom of email messages. This is a form of marketing through messages.

Before you create marketing materials for your business, be sure to have all pertinent information at hand. Have your contact details and ensure all numbers, phone and FAX, are correct. Make certain that your business name is clear with no spelling errors, and if you have a website, be sure to register it. When it comes to printing, there are a few available options. Pick what best works for your business in terms of printing needs, costs and materials being used. Printing can be costly but do not go cheap and get low quality work done. Choose between:

• Copy and print stores – These are stores that will handle print jobs. They are excellent in that you can explain exactly what you need done in person. You can come in with your own design or work on it in the store.

• Online printing – This is one affordable way of printing your marketing materials. Submit your designs to an online print shop. They will print the materials for you and deliver them to your address. It is a quick procedure and highly convenient.

• Specialty printing stores – If you have customized designs, then this is where you want to bring your print work. They are somewhat costly, but you are guaranteed quality work. These stores have a wide selection of printing equipment thus they can do more than a copy and print store.

Creating a marketing material, need not be a complex task. Be sure to have a budget set aside for it and have an idea of what kind of materials you would like to use. The options are several so, pick the most suitable for your business.

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