What’s Separating You From the Millionaire You Want to Be

What’s Separating You From the Millionaire You Want to Be

The answer in the simplest terms may be the habits you develop and implement in your everyday life. The road to where you want to be professionally is paved with an untold amount of obstacles that more often than not end up cropping up when and where you least expect them. The habits of millionaires more so than any initial capital investment or winning lottery ticket are what lead them to the success they desire.

Let’s look at how you can tailor your daily routine and mindset to create more opportunity and increase the likelihood of achieving your dreams.

Make Mistakes and Fear Not While Doing So.

Finding excuses to justify inaction is easy and fear of failure can be an overwhelming impediment to taking the steps necessary for success. A hallmark of successful people is perseverance – the ability to keep trying, to find a different approach or plan of attack when the first, second, tenth attempt has failed.

By embracing a trial-and-error mentality you can foster an environment for yourself in which blame is minimized and it’s toxic effects done away with. Planting one seed creates an unnecessarily intense situation where everything depends on its successful growth. Planting hundreds may result in some failures, sure, but your overall chance of successful growth is greatly magnified.

Just Say No.

Being a ‘Yes’ Man may help you please someone in the short term, but in the long run you are only doing damage to yourself. Saying no, as much as people may not want to hear it in the moment, will help you create free time for you to do what’s most important to you.  Turning down requests or invites can help make you a ‘You’ Man instead of a ‘Yes’ Man.

Time is the one thing money can’t buy, but by concentrating on the things that you feel most passionate about it can be created with no money down. Read, listen, question, think. These are luxuries enjoyed by people who say no to overextending themselves. And speaking of things that are important to you, studies show that getting the sleep you know you’re not getting enough of puts your mind into position to advance rather than simply get by.

Associate Yourself With Positive People and Ideas.

In a roomful of Grinches and naysayers, you can bet your bottom dollar that you yourself will be become a Grinch and a naysayer. Hell, that bottom dollar may very well be the last thing left to your name on top of it.  Unhappiness is contagious and an excellent incubator for failure.

An oft-observed characteristic of successful individuals is that they surround themselves with intelligent people. Realizing who can contribute to areas in which you may be lacking is simply smart business rather than admitting a shortcoming.

Be grateful to those who contribute positively to your situation or general mentality. Fostering these feelings can fuel a drive to more successful collaboration and increase your resource pool.

And speaking of positive people and ideas, be one of these people and generate these types of ideas. Do something everyday you used to love to do as a child. Your brain will thank you for it and reward you by feeling younger longer.

Follow Up. Make the Call.

Now what to do with all that free time you’ve made by telling people no? Take the next step. Whatever that may be. Too often people let themselves off the hook because that contact probably wouldn’t have come through anyway; because it would be too difficult to track down that email address; because you’re a bit too bashful to put yourself out there and on the line. More often than not, what’s keeping people from igniting that first spark is simply hesitation to pick up the phone and see what happens. Remember what we said about making mistakes? Fear not.

Do it Now.

It’s never the right time or place. What are you waiting for? Put simply, do it now. If you wait, you’ll only be one year older when you do.

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