How to List Your Business on Bing and Why You Should

How to List Your Business on Bing and Why You Should

Local SEO and online marketing is a great way for you to help local customers connect with your business. Today, search engine results have become locally oriented due to increased mobile Internet usage and the fact that many consumers trust local businesses because of convenience and ease of access. Therefore, it is pertinent that you maximize your marketing mix by using Bing Places for Business on top of other popular search engine platforms.

Why You Need Bing Places for Business

  1. Default Browser for Windows 8.1 and Windows Mobile

Today’s financial atmosphere has significantly changed with the advent of mobile Internet. More and more people prefer shopping online for various products and services to get the best prices. Therefore, they turn to search engine platforms like Bing. Although Bing is less popular than search engine giants like Yahoo and Google, its popularity is continuously increasing thanks to the introduction of windows 8.1 and windows mobile.

  1. Create Local Online Listings

Creating local listings makes your business visible to the market and the online community. This, in turn, attracts customers to your establishment. However, your online listings need to be accurate, consistent, and up to date to remain relevant.

  1. Generate Online Traffic

Listing your business with Bing Places generates a lot of online traffic your way, which is good for business. It helps publicize your business and improves your brand across online business portals, directories, and social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This Omni-channel presence creates a consistent brand in the digital world.

  1. Level the Playing Field

Bing Places levels the playing field between large and small business entities because it provides a common advertising platform for your target market.

  1. Bing Offers Additional Marketing Features

Bing provides features that let you create group discounts and coupons. These can then be associated with your local business listing or published on your social media pages and other online marketing platforms.

  1. Map Location

Bing Places for Business includes a map location feature that directs people to your physical location. It also features your Yelp page reviews, thus increasing your Yelp rating. What’s more, when you add your operating hours, Bing will automatically inform customers when you are open for business.

Five Simple Step by Step Instructions on Getting Started on Bing Places

To access Bing Places, you need to create a Microsoft account specifically for your business. It is not advisable to use a personal account. Follow the following process after setting up your account.

Step One: Getting Started

Sign into your Microsoft account and search then click “Get Started” to open the wizard.

Step Two: Claiming an Existing Business Location

Select your country of operation and then enter your business details (name, location, or phone number) before clicking “Search.” If your business already exists, then claim ownership instead of creating another listing.

Step Three: Adding Your Business

If your business does not appear during your initial search, you will be asked to “add a new business.” Proceed to fill in the necessary details including business name, physical address, online presence, contact information, and any other general information.

Step Four: Verifying Your Business

After submitting your information, you will be asked to wait for up to five working days for a verification pin. The pin will be sent to your business’ registered postal address to verify that your business exists. Bookmark the link to step four to allow you to pick up from where you left off once your listing is verified. Managing your listings is important because it enables you to add and edit information relevant to your business.

Step Five (Extra Step): Adding Multiple Businesses

This step is necessary if you own multiple businesses that you wish to list on Bing Places as well. Click on the “add multiple businesses” tab and add all your other entities. Bing has made bulk listings quick and easy because you can upload up to 10,000 listings from one parent business using a spreadsheet. This allows all your businesses to remain connected.

It is essential to setup Bing Places for business to claim your local listing and connect with consumers. As the third largest online search engine in the U.S., Bing can be used to gain visibility and attract more customers your way. You can also efficiently manage multiple listings as well as categories associated with your business all under one dashboard. Finally, remember to synchronize your listing information with that found on your website and other social media sites.

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