Top Tips for Writing Better Copy for Your Website

Top Tips for Writing Better Copy for Your Website

When you are creating or updating your website, make sure to use these tips to improve its appearance and readability. Today, having a top-of-the-line website is imperative to make your business a success.

1: Write Like a Human

Don’t write the information on your website like a robot because potential customers want to work with humans. Have a page about you that informs anyone looking at your site about your credentials along with your reasons for opening a business or offering a product. If you are having problems with writing a website’s information, then have a friend read it first.

2: Don’t List Your Prices First

Before informing your potential customers about your hourly rates or prices for products, make sure to write information about the services that you offer. Explain the value that you offer or how a product is helpful to get customers interested in ordering a product or requesting your services. You can ask customers to call for more information about prices, or you can have a link to another page that shows your prices.

3: Have a FAQ’s Section on Your Website

Have linking pages at the top or bottom of your website that will lead to a FAQ’s page where you can answer the most common questions that your clients might ask. Many FAQ’s pages have drop-down menu that helps potential customers look for answers to particular questions.

4: Explain the Benefits of Your Product or Service

If you want to sell more products or services, then you need to explain the benefits of what you offer. Look at your competitor’s websites to determine how your service or product is different and better. Make sure to point out the benefits of buying your services or products over a competitor, but avoid saying negative things about other businesses.

5: Have a Way for a Website’s Visitors to Communicate with You

Potential customers will want a way to communicate with you, so make sure to provide an email address, online form and telephone number. Check your messaging system frequently to answer questions right away to show that you appreciate customers. Many potential customers ask questions online or by telephone because they want to determine if you are responsive.

6: Explain Your Services or Products Clearly

Make sure to explain your services or products clearly on your website to avoid any misunderstandings. You might want to include photographs or diagrams with captions to help a website’s visitors understand what a product looks like or what is included in your business’s service. Have an easy to find telephone number listed on each page of your website so that customers can call you immediately.

7: Have an Attractive Website that Is Easy to Read

If a potential customer visits your website, then they will decide whether to continue reading it within a few seconds. If the website has garish colors or if it is difficult to read the font, then a client will leave the site and take their business somewhere else. When you are offering multiple types of products and services, have a way for clients to look at a particular page quickly.

8: Use Headlines to Help a Website’s Visitors Find Information

When you have too much script on a page, it is difficult for a website’s visitors to read. Make sure to use headlines, numbered lists and short paragraphs. In addition, verify that the information is correct before checking the grammar and spelling. A customer won’t order products from you or hire you for services when a website is poorly written.

9: Have Clickable Internal Links to Help Your Customers

Don’t make your customers sort through thousands of words of information when they want to focus on one product or service. Have a sidebar at your website that makes it easier for visitors to select a particular service or product quickly to make it easier for them to place an order or request a service.

10: Write the Information on Your Website Concisely

When customers need a product or service, they want concise information on the main pages and ordering forms. If you want to provide informal information that is less concise, then have a blog at your website. When customers have more time for reading, they will read your blog, but when they are in a hurry to request a service or order a product, they need fast information.

Make Sure to Update Your Website

After creating a website, you need to make changes occasionally to keep up with the current trends in marketing. If you are too busy to make changes to a website, then hire an outside company or a website developer to create a new website for your business.

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