Investigating the Value in Webinars

Investigating the Value in Webinars

You’re a small business owner and you need information. You’re wondering if plunking down money for webinars is worth it. You wonder about the value you’ll receive or whether it is worth it to invest your time and money on a webinar. It’s understandable to feel that this type of training is a waste of time. You might even feel a bit drained and wary of some promises made by presenters.

You have a story to tell. You need to get information out quickly to a number of people. You want to make sure the right people get this information. You wonder about what your target audience will get out of the webinar. Will it be a good investment or will your audience think that it will be a waste of their time? It probably feels like your message isn’t getting through and you are making promises you can’t keep.

Investigating the benefits

You understand that there are definitely benefits to holding webinars in place of or in conjunction with physical face-to-face meetings. Webinars allow:

Investigating the “pitfalls”

  • People from all over the world to meet in real time
  • Free exchange of ideas and information
  • Focused information to a large group without physical meetings
  • Connections and links to be posted for more information
  • Cost savings for attendees and hosts

There are definitely liabilities with webinars due to quality and effectiveness of the message the host is trying to convey to his or her intended audience. The important components in a timely and effective webinar include:

  • Targeted to the right audience
  • Focused and clearly stated content
  • Doesn’t include information that could be addressed in another forum or way
  • Makes clear and precise connections to available resources
  • Allows for connections and “next steps” to be taken
  • Provides some incentives and follow through with attendees

When you start to investigate the value of holding or attending webinars, you begin to understand that webinars do have a unique purpose in your business. Webinars are utilized for the following reasons:

  • Educational purpose
  • Promotional purpose
  • Public awareness
  • Investing and Finances
  • Causes and community involvement

Webinars are only part of your arsenal. Understanding the connections between your email, social media and other resources is critical to running a successful business. An effective and solidly put together webinar can help you draw potential customers, educate your employees and create public awareness of an issue.

Types of webinars

There are at least seven types of webinars produced on the daily basis. The topic is what draws people.

The webinar type has a lot to do with the type of information you need. Educational webinars train and educate employees and customers about products and services. Promotional webinars create awareness about a product or service. Communication webinars offer information about causes, community and business issues.

Training and Product demonstration– This webinar type increases the value of your products and services by allowing your potential customers to see your products in “action”. Training webinars provide visual training for employees in all aspects of operations.

Communication-Small businesses need this webinar type to connect with their remote employees and provide a way to get feedback. This feedback is often used to improve products, engage employees in the company and improve relationships with customers.

eLearning-eLearning courses provide necessary information on a variety of topics from starting a business to maintaining a customer base. The plethora of online webinar courses create a value for you and your employees to learn new things and complete with your competition.

Lead generation-Lead generation webinars are used primarily to attract potential customers. The webinars are packed with information, have demonstrations of products and services and offer incentives for customers to participate. These are valuable because they are usually the first contact potential customers have with your company.

Customer retention/nurturing-In order to make your customers loyal to your products and services, you need webinars that help customers answer questions and provide them with information about new products and services. This adds value because it shows that you care about your customer and their business with you.

Branding/Reputation management-Keeping your brand in the public eye is what branding and reputation management webinars do effectively by teaching effective methods to maintain your public image. The value of this branding and reputation management is priceless.

Well run webinars are quite valuable to you and your customers.

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