10 New Years Resolutions To Stay Away From

10 New Years Resolutions To Stay Away From

The new year is approaching and with it comes resolutions that are often abandoned midway through the year. Instead of writing vague goals, consider contemplating specialized ambitions that are attainable. Here are ten things that you should not resolve to do this upcoming year.

  1. Do Not Vow to Take a Break Away from Social Media

While it is true that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram consume a lot of time, they are also populated by potential clients. Instead of resolving to stay away from social media, you should promise to use your down time online to promote your company.

  1. Don’t Vow to Grow

Every company is on a mission to expand its borders. Your resolution should be specific as to how you will grow. What measures will you take to expand your scope? How will you retain new customers and continue progression?

  1. Please Do Not Resolve to Make More Money

The central purpose of being in business, aside from pursuing your passion, is to make more money. Your resolution should be more particular. Perhaps focus on the type of money that you want to make. Do you simply want cash flow, which keeps the doors open but doesn’t provide long-term stability? Or, do want this to be the year that you start making a profit off your business, which could lead to wealth?

  1. Do Not Solely Focus on Getting More Customers

Thousands of customers served at a restaurant on Monday mean little if the majority do not return later on that week for more food. The goal to gain new clients in the upcoming year should be coupled with retention ambitions. Recurring customers will pour more money into your company and serve as free advertisements when they tell their family members and friends about your business.

  1. Refrain from the Jack-Of-All-Trades Syndrome

Rather than expand to other niches in hopes of gaining more clientele, focus on the one thing that you have been doing right all of these years. A boutique law firm that has a track record of excellence in family law has a greater probability of being chosen over the large legal company that operates with an average success rate while specializing in family law and several other sectors. Vow to expand within your niche this year.

  1. Do Not Vow to Market Only to Those Who You Think Can Afford Your Product

Such approach is discriminatory and a sure way for you to market yourself out of business. Individuals who may not be able to afford your product today could win the lottery tomorrow and be in need of your services. While you should not spend the majority of your time and money marketing to those who cannot afford what you are offering, you should consider contributing at least five percent of your advertising budget appealing to those not presently within your product’s price range.

  1. Do Not Resolve to Appeal to All

There is a difference between being reserved and discriminating. You should never determine the financial standing of a person before knowing a few details surrounding their economic status. You should, however, always turn your attention away from those who take absolutely no interest in your service. Spending money on such consumers is the equivalent to flushing money down the toilet. Vow to find your target audience and appeal to them only.

  1. Do Not Promise to Work Harder

All work and no play bring burnout. You should not vow to work harder but rather smarter. Do not accept every opportunity that comes your way but rather weigh the options before committing. A job that will take eight hours of your time should compensate accordingly. Do not be afraid to turn down offers that do not pay enough. The right clients will not think that you are lazy but will rather appreciate your ability to know your worth.

  1. A Vow to Hound Potential Clients is Not Wise

Your service may be fabulous, but you do not want to remind potential customers of that fact at every waking moment. The best salespeople present their claim and let their target audience decide for themselves. You will not gain that many more sales from badgering consumers to try your product. You may even lose a few would-be buyers who grow weary of your harassment.

  1. Do Not Vow to Fire the Help

Owning a business means making tough decisions, which sometimes means cutting costs. Relieving employees or sectors of your company making positive impacts, however, is the worst way to lower the budget. Instead of wildly firing helpers, consider releasing those employees who do not contribute to the progress of the business. Can your company survive if an employee or sector took a month off? Fire and retain accordingly.

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