The Benefits of an Organized Workspace

The Benefits of an Organized Workspace

Everybody has their own style when it comes to getting things done and tackling the next project. Having said that, though, it’s a safe bet to say that nobody is doing themselves any favors when their workplace is more reminiscent of a landfill rather than a place where business gets done. Paying attention to how your workspace is organized can play an essential role affecting your business in ways you may never have considered. Prioritizing a clean, neat, and systematically arranged workplace has been a hallmark of successful companies and employees for years and recognizing the value this mindset brings to your organization is key.

Boost Efficiency

The amount of time and effort wasted searching for misplaced items might shock you – that is until you recall the last time you wasted half an hour searching for your car keys, the remote control, or that other sock you swear made it into the dryer alongside its other half. Maintaining a well put together workplace can help you increase the efficiency of your operation by focusing people’s efforts on the task at hand rather than wasting energy and time on getting things together or scrambling for the that essential item you can’t seem to locate. When you prioritize addressing issues and organization now it undoubtedly makes things easier in the future and usually with far less headache and effort.

Another aspect to appreciate is the uptick in flexibility that comes with increased efficiency. Having a clearer picture of your situation and where things stand after you’ve cleared away the mess that invades most work environments gives you the confidence of operating within more clearly defined parameters. The clarity and efficiency of an organized setting help define where you can and can’t compromise, grow, explore, or focus your efforts.

Lift Morale

In It’s a Wonderful Life poor blundering Uncle Billy pushes Jimmy Stewart literally to the edge of a bridge contemplating suicide after losing an important envelope meant to keep the business afloat. Everyone has had their Uncle Billy moments, hopefully with less potentially deadly consequences. Maintaining an organized and purposeful workplace can do wonders for the morale of you and your employees that touch all facets of your operation. Knowing where everything is, what’s on your agenda, and how you’re going to take on tasks in both the short and long term does away with the chaos that permeates too many professional environments. When you clear out the clutter of the workspace, both physical and metaphorical, the increases in satisfaction and decreases in stress are manifest. A less stressed team leads to better and easier teamwork and more pride in the job being done, among plenty of other positives.

Impressions Matter

A desk stacked high with files and folders may suggest that someone is running a bustling and busy operation, but seeing your accountant or office manager with pieces of string around their finger acting as forgotten reminders or post-it notes labeled urgent or must remember!! buried under mountains of unopened mail instills no sense of confidence. If you are a potential client or customer imagine what message this kind of environment sends. Employees are most likely not the only people who see your workplace on a regular basis and the given impression that the level of organization there is, or isn’t, cannot be understated. Just as you pay attention and painstakingly consider the layout of your letterhead, brochure, or business card for the mood it creates, the place where the work is being done also contributes enormously to that same mood. Create a positive image for your business by paying attention to the neatness and order of your workspace.

Organization Binds the Workplace Together

What it all boils down to is simplicity. The more attention you pay to maintaining an organized work area, to developing and streamlining simplified and effective habits of getting things done, and making sure these aspects are adopted and implemented across the board the more efficiently your operation will run. Employees and customers alike notice efforts in this direction and react accordingly and appreciatively. Just as going out for a walk can help clear the mind and do away with mental clutter, by clearing and cleaning up the place where your business is carried out all aspects of your work will benefit in kind.

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