Five Companies Mastering Customer Success

Five Companies Mastering Customer Success

In highly competitive markets, some companies struggle, while others know the tactics for customer success. These care-centric companies know the value of good service to customers. Your ability to create trust and build relationships is measured by higher rates of client retention.

Creating Customer Success

Customer Success is the opposite of customer loss, or churning. You create customer engagement through a system geared to helping customers get the most from their purchase. Your communication with the client is centered on showing them the value of the product. It’s the simple concept that if your customers benefit, you benefit.

Customer success views customer satisfaction as process. It is not a point of contact at sales and service centers, but interaction that proceeds all the way from your marketing to accounting.

Why you need it

A longer customer relationship leads to more profit, in addition to being more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. This is the rationale behind a subscription-based business, and Customer Sueccess is essential to engage your customers in the idea.

Customer success has low risk and high rewards for your company. While this requires some flexible structures, here are five examples of companies that have made Customer Success work well.

  1. Unbounce

This is a digital marketing firm specializing in landing page optimization. For Unbounce, keeping clients is the cornerstone of their business strategy. A company based out of Vancouver, they’ve racked up over 10,000 users thus far and boast over $100,00 a month in revenue.

To strengthen client retention Unbounce formed a Customer Success team focusing their efforts based on KPIs evaluated at every phase of the customer journey. Each member follows the progress of these KPIs as a catalyst for innovative solutions. One of the team’s hallmarks is maintaining a company culture of achieving further successes. It’s important for the entire business that staff understands this goal and the value it brings to their customers. Customers know they can expect stellar service from a company with that kind of spirit

  1. Lua

This service for providing custom messaging apps takes a top-down approach to Customer Success. It starts with upper management, who share the motivation with managers, who find ways of conveying it to the developers and testers who prepare the apps for end-users. The sales team works closely with the Customer Success team to make customer engagement work with both customers and staff.

Lua engages customers through superior communication and helpful relationships. They will even help client managers compose emails introducing the product to employees, produce manuals and how-to media customized to each client, and follows up the whole process by asking their clients to complete a survey two weeks after onboarding. This gives them the feedback for creating even better relationships with the next client.

  1. Etsy

This handmade-crafts site has carved out a reputation for a deep connection with their customers and their artists. They are a good example of how learning more about your customers works to your advantage. From day one, Etsy targeted an audience that wanted to discover totally unique products. Their goal was to create an engaging shopping experience to go with it, and they succeeded.

The crafts site uses analytics to match the type of products displayed to the behavior of the user. This not only presents products they’re more likely to buy, but Etsy uses a personalized approach so that each buyer can feel that the site is intuitively responsive to their tastes. The Customer Success team works constantly to develop this personalized buying experience so that customers feel more connected when shopping on Etsy.

  1. Insightly

Who better than a CRM software specialist to understand building customer relationships? Insightly exercises Customer Support by dedicating a specialist to assist each new client. This specialist is available to answer all questions, advice, and service requests. Insightly also provides free trials and instructional materials to encourage prospects in understanding the product and making the purchase.

In fact, their Customer Success team employs a wide range of engaging content to support their clients – webinars, presentations, and ongoing email communication. Insightly understands that their customers need their questions answered.

  1. Cratejoy

Cratejoy offers a comprehensive service to businesses looking to launch their own subscription site. One important factor in this service is a client dashboard featuring Customer Success KPIs to help their clients stay in tune with a customer retention strategy.

Cratejoy’s growing list of subscribers – merchants – are an effective part of marketing. Since their clients tend to have higher retention rates, other online companies take note and visit to see what Cratejoy is all about. It becomes a resource for everyone looking to develop longer customer relationships, and the clients keep flowing in. Cratejoy is an expert in Customer Success, and it shows.

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