Top Ways to Develop an Effective Social Media Presence for Your Small Business

Top Ways to Develop an Effective Social Media Presence for Your Small Business

 While social media alone isn’t enough to fully leverage the power of the internet, it’s playing an increasingly important role. However, due to its unguided nature, the social media world can be confusing for business owners and managers. Furthermore, the social media world changes frequently, and social media account managers need to ensure they keep up with trends to be as effective as possible. Here are a few tips for developing your social media presence.

Develop Branding Items

Social media branding differs from branding on your website. On websites, you can choose the size of your logo; on social media platforms, your avatar is the same size as every other avatar. On your website, you can choose what color each element it, but social media platforms limit your customization. If you’re using your logo as your avatar, make sure it reads well at a small size and make any necessary adjustments. If its color theme clashes with elements on a particular social media platform, feel free to experiment to find a scheme that works.

Provide Value

People need a reason to follow your social media accounts, so make sure you provide value. Fortunately, as a small business operator, you have expertise people will find worthwhile. If your business specializes in home repairs, for example, provide tips and link to informative articles. If you provide computer repairs and other services, link to articles about computer security issues. Providing help gives users an incentive to follow your account, but it also shows your expertise in your field. Offering advice for free shows that you care about your followers and customers, which ensures followers are more likely to contact you if they need your services.

Find Your Voice

Social media presents means of reaching out that’s still fairly new, and typical business language isn’t likely to work well, and even typical internet content often isn’t best for social media. Check out other companies to find out how they communicate while deciding your social media voice. Humor is popular on social media, and sharing jokes with your followers can be a great way to engage. Social media often welcomes less formal ways of communicating, so find your balance between professionalism and finding a more personal approach. Make sure to discuss these questions with the people who will be running the account on a day-to-day basis so you can incorporate their strengths.

 Connect Your Platforms

Most social media users use multiple platforms, but they don’t always check for a company’s page on all of them. Make sure to connect your accounts to each other regularly. For example, instead of cutting down your Facebook post to place it on Twitter, provide a link on your Twitter account. Similarly, share links to pictures on your Instagram account on occasion. You can also post reminders on occasion, as simply reminding your Twitter followers that your have a Facebook account, for example, can bring in new followers.

Spread the Word

For small businesses, social media followers can be a tremendous resource. Often, simply asking followers to share your posts and ask their friends to follow your account can be effective, especially if you’re just establishing your business. Make sure to reach out to family and friends as well. If you operate offline, include your account names on your business card, and encourage people you interact with to follow your account. People you meet in real life are more likely to try to spread the word about your company than people you only meet online.


Most social media accounts plateau after a certain period of time. One great way to reach out further is to provide promotions. Providing an incentive to everyone who shares your post can lead to far more people seeing your message, and the potential for increased interest typically covers the cost offering a discount. Sweepstakes work also work well; offering free service to a random person who shares your post, for example, can help you reach to new audiences. If you offer products or services online, these techniques can be especially effective, and having a post go viral can lead to far more business.

Social media can be difficult, but the best way to succeed with it is to experiment. While it’s important to remain professional, feel free to have a bit of fun with your social media account, and make sure to differentiate your accounts from your competitors, as doing so ensures that potential customers think of you when they need the services you offer.

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