Switch Up Your Showroom: Display Checklist Post Holidays

Switch Up Your Showroom: Display Checklist Post Holidays

Looking for a Little Post-Holiday Buzz in Your Showroom? Switch It Up Via a Post-Holiday Checklist.

Are you a manager of a store trying to regroup after the craze of the holidays? Do you wonder if there is anything that can compete with the cheerful, magical showroom you had on display just a few weeks ago? Do you know it’s time to make that transition in the New Year — but you feel like your displays are lacking that special touch?

If you’re searching for a showroom display that will spark attention and be memorable to your customers — then consider displaying a post-holiday checklist that entertains and invites your customers to get ready for a brand new year. You’ll educate them and you’ll generate sales. Display these expert tips for entering the new year throughout your showroom. You might even take these checklist items a step further and print out a small paper checklist that your customers can take home with them to check off items themselves:

Checklist Tip #1: Take It Down, Store It Correctly

It’s time for all the holiday decorations to come down. But you want to be able to find them next year — and stay organized. Display this handy tip by your storage supplies and holiday storage containers. From wreath containers to holiday ornament boxes, there are a ton of storage supplies that will keep your organized and ready when it comes time to put it all up again during the next holiday season.

Checklist Tip #2: Post-Holiday Cleanse

Not only does your body need a recharge after all of that decadent holiday food, but your house does. Encourage your customers to do a deep clean of their house and display this key tip near cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners.

Checklist Tip #3: Get a New Look

A new year means a few new things to get your look started the right way. Display this checklist item in the area where clothes are displayed for men, women and children. You’ll encourage them to try on some new duds and maybe even buy a few new threads!

Checklist Tip #4: Lean In and Let Go

When a new year comes along, it’s about starting over and celebrating a fresh start. Near the music aisle of your store, display CDs and movies that have peaceful and thoughtful themes. You could even make a store suggestion for different themes: New Year’s Eve Soiree, New Year’s Day Brunch, New Work Day in the New Year, and so on!

Checklist Tip #5: Get Those Wheels Shiny

Along with the freshening everyone is doing to their house and to themselves, there also is the opportunity to display a checklist about car maintenance. Encourage your customers to get an oil change, tires rotated, a yearly checkup and/or a simple car wash. They’ll have peace of mind when they know their car is in great shape — and they’ll feel confident as they sit back in a freshly cleaned car, ready to take whatever road 2017 has in store.

Checklist Tip #6: Celebrate You

This is a fun checklist item to post near the mirrors in your store. Ask your customers to look into the mirror to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year. Ask them to think about one measurable goal they would like to complete in 2017 and to think about it with intention as they gaze into the mirror. They may find that they want to buy the mirror from you!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to launch the new year with the charm and energy that you found in your showroom ahead of the holidays — then there is no time like now to make a few simple changes to your showroom.

Have fun with these checklist items, and tweak them to fit your specific customers and their needs. You can run with anyone of these checklist tips and expand them into a single theme that fits the specific products in your showroom. The key is to have fun and to be useful to your target audience.

Whenever you can be helpful and clever to your customers is a win-win. You’ll entertain them, grab their attention and give them something they actually can use as they navigate life in the post-holiday transition. In addition, you’ll build a relationship with them that will leave them coming back for more because you’ve delighted them and educated them in a way that bears meaning.

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