Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Once upon a time having a stack of flyers to tack up on a bulletin board and running an ad in the local free press would have placed you in a position to reap the local business potential in your community.

Once upon a time, that is. In today’s hyper-connected and constantly changing information and business environment, embracing the oftentimes bewildering social media scene is the step that could give your outfit the profile and presence it has been lacking. O brave new world!

Social Media is Quickly Becoming People’s Only Media.

Your website is attractive and humming along. Great! Unfortunately for yesterday’s businesses, ‘surfing the web’ is quickly becoming ‘surfing social media.’ As daunting as jumping into this arena may appear, it is now an essential step.

Social media is a force. Whether you harness that force to grow your business or let its momentum push you out of the marketplace is a choice that separates the swimmers from the sinkers. Daily Facebook usage for Americans is approaching 50%. The younger generation, the next generation of consumers, are already miles ahead of this platform.

More and more eyes are looking at more and more screens for more and more time everyday. Social media platforms are increasingly and overwhelmingly becoming the subject of these consumers. Put your business in their line of sight.

If You Aren’t Using it, Who Is?

In short, your competitors. Where a gap or vacuum exists, before long it will be filled. In an environment where only a single or a handful of businesses maintain a presence, who is to tell the social media consumer that those aren’t the only options? In an age of decreased attention spans and impulse consumers, you cannot afford to let that void go unfilled.

Become the standard bearer in your target social media market. Customers and clients compare and by placing yourself prominently in that market, you can position yourself to become the benchmark rather than the latecomer to the party.

Identify your Goals and Objectives.

Before opening up a fresh MySpace account with wide-eyed expectations, know what and more importantly who you are going after. Snapchat may be the latest craze, but your efforts may be in vain if your target audience isn’t posting pictures of themselves with dog ears or crowns of flowers. Get a feel for who is using what platform and device and to what end. A greater social media presence doesn’t necessarily require logging endless hours chasing your tail around cyberspace. By targeting the most appropriate platforms being used by your most likely consumer base, you can maximize your presence without minimizing your resources.

Integrate Your Platforms.

Embracing social media doesn’t mean ditching that website we mentioned earlier. What it does mean is making jumping from that website to your Instagram account and vice versa easier and more streamlined. Clicking is the new typing and if you can move from one site or platform to another with a simple tap of the finger, it’s more likely to happen.

Embed your relevant social media icons and links in an immediately visible spot. The jump from one platform to another shouldn’t make your audience feel as if they’re left one world for another; each platform’s feel should suggest the other and create a sense of uniformity and continuity that shows your business has its online presence together.

Engage, Post and Connect.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A smartphone is a powerful tool, but if the battery is dead you’re better off with a pencil and pad of paper. Your social media presence requires the same attention to recharging that your phone does. Setting up your social media accounts is only the beginning.

Once you’ve taken the leap into the world of social connectivity, it’s imperative that you maintain a flow of engaging and relevant content that keeps your audience coming back for more. People revisit their favorite blogs to see what new articles have been posted. They check in on their peers and friends to see what new things they’ve been up to and if there’s nothing new, interest wanes. Your presence is no different. Regular posts and fresh content are key to maintaining interest in the long term.

Don’t be afraid to connect with other social media presences with a larger footprint. As much as it may not be your cup of tea, use hashtags and associate yourself with other successful or often-searched terms, subjects and interests. The more you integrate your presence within the greater social media environment, the more eyes will end up on you.

Feel free to drop your business card into the free lunch bowl at the local diner, but when it comes to reaching the largest audience for your business, don’t forget that social media is where your chips should be going.

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