Tracking Productivity in the Office

Tracking Productivity in the Office

Knowing how productive your employees are is critical. Failure to do so can mean a loss in profits. Additionally, if you don’t know which employees are unproductive and why, fixing the issues is a challenge. Furthermore, you cannot reward the employees who are productive when you don’t know whom they are. As a result, developing methods for tracking their productivity is pivotal.

Appropriate Timekeeping

One way to at least know if your employees are where they are at the correct time is to use an appropriate timekeeping system. For example, some businesses use old-fashioned paper systems. This method essentially allows employees to write in whatever hours they want. A computer-based system is better since it can be set to allow employees to clock in and out only when they are at the job itself. Still, employees may access one another’s accounts. A system protected by password or fingerprints can help you to ensure that employees are not committing fraud.

Develop Team Leaders

When you have a large business, assessing the productivity of each employee may seem like an insurmountable task. Therefore, you should divide your company into teams. For example, you may have separate teams in charge of marketing, advertising, finances and other critical areas of your business. These team leaders can ensure that they are watching their teams for productivity levels and other concerns. Selecting from among your top employees is wise when you want team leaders.

Define Expectations

Imagine how difficult it would be to track personal success if you did not give yourself parameters. For example, envision that you wanted to lose weight. However, you did not determine how much weight you wanted to lose. As you started to drop pounds, you would never know how close to your goal you were and how much further you needed to progress. At the very least, you would need an estimate. When you don’t provide your employees with productivity expectations, they do not know what you want. Setting clear guidelines and expectations can change the way that your employees work.

Monitoring Breaks and Free Time

Some of the biggest problems might come from employees who spend too much time socializing or who take more breaks than they are supposed to in a day. Determining how many breaks employees can take is a part of defining expectations; however, you also need to ensure that they are following the breaks. If you see an employee taking an unauthorized break, you should not immediately assume that he or she is doing something wrong. Having a respectful conversation is the right way to get to the root of the problem.

Blocking Certain Websites

Even if your employees do not like to take more time than they are allowed away from their desks, they might be surfing on the internet. While you do not necessarily want to block every single website, consider which ones you can eliminate. For example, your company might use certain social media outlets to connect with customers, so you cannot block those ones. You may want to eliminate popular shopping sites from the list of sites your customers can browse. If your company does not use social media to communicate, then you can consider blocking those sites. You also may want to allow only computers of people who monitor these sites to access them.

Ask Employees to Track Their Work

You want to give employees an opportunity to track themselves too. When you take that step, you are telling them that you trust them. Letting employees know that you trust them is important in building their confidence and their rapport with upper management. You can develop assessment sheets, whether in paper or online, so that employees can track their process. When they know that they have to report their work to you at the end of the day or week, they may take greater responsibility for their assignments. Also, they can develop a personal sense of pride in the work completed.

Praise and Penalize

You have to remember that when employees feel as though their excellent and dedicated work isn’t praised, they may begin to put in less effort. Therefore, you must develop a system of rewards for employees who have high levels of productivity. On the other hand, you need to speak with employees who lack in the area of productivity. While you should not impose harsh punishments for employees who are showering hard work, you should consider what you will do if employees fail to resolve their errors or put in more effort.

Increasing the efficiency with which employees work is pivotal because it can help you to have much greater levels of productivity.

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