Tips on Boosting Morale in a Small Business

If you are at the head of a small or medium-sized business, Having great office morale takes the place of millions of dollars in the bank set aside specifically for overhead and operations. There is very little room for fat in the small business office; everyone must be productive at all times when they are on the clock. Keeping morale high is the best way to ensure high productivity from everyone in the office.

Here are some of the ways that you can help to boost morale in your office space.

– Make sure that everyone in your office is personally motivated.

Motivation does not necessarily mean more money. As a matter of fact, the kind of person who is attracted to a small business opportunity is likely someone who is willing to forgo upfront money for experience. Keeping this in mind, make sure that everyone in the office has a piece of the project that appeals to their personal sense of adventure. This means that you need to get to know people in the office so that you can understand their personal motivations. This communication in itself will help to boost morale as well.

You should be sure that you as a business owner are personally motivated as well. Everyone else in the office is taking his or her cue from your energy and behavior. If you are not excited about your role in the project, then you may need to get your hands more dirty with the people whom you have hired.

– Give detailed assessments of the competencies of employees.

Every employee loves feedback from the boss. Once you have properly assigned people to tasks within the business that personally motivate them, give them plenty of feedback on how they are actually performing. Part of the reason that people are personally motivated toward certain aspects of a project is because they want to improve that measure of their skill set. If you take enough interest in your office to help them improve in their skill sets, they will return you the favor with a much higher morale overall.

– Make sure that your feng shui is properly organized.

Your workplace has the ability to drag the energy in your office or accentuate it. Are the files that everyone needs always out of place somehow? If they are, this can lead to lower efficiency because people will make excuses instead of simply going to the drawer and looking up the correct information. Is everyone always tripping over a desk or a chair in order to get to the conference room? This is dangerous, because if people feel as though the conference room is shut off symbolically, they will not synchronize their efforts as much.

Once you have fixed the office to be a place of efficiency, you should also endeavor to create a place for creativity. Keeping the walls bare is a definite no no – make it a company trip to go to a local artist market and pick artwork for the walls. Invest in matching pen holders for everyone’s desk. The little things that help to bring across camaraderie while serving as conversation pieces for the office will help to stimulate the creativity of everyone inside of the office.

– Are you organizing your team in a way that everyone feels important?

When you have team meetings, does the lowest man on the totem pole feel that his ideas are given a fair shake? How is the energy between people whom you expect to work together on a technical part of your project? Do they have a natural chemistry or are they always at each other’s throats? These are aspects of your office that you need to take note of and endeavor to fix if the productivity of the project is suffering in any way.

Everyone needs to feel important so that they can feel connected to the final products that you are putting into the market. This goes along with assigning tasks that are actually motivating to each individual, but this step goes a bit farther. Make sure that the individual ideas that are spurred by the creativity that you have cultivated in the office are refined and included in the final work to the best of your ability. This does not mean that you have to humor and inferior ideas; however, you should give everyone feedback and the resources that they need to improve upon these ideas. If they are not used, the person should know exactly why this happened.

– Be the change that you wish to see in your office.

If you know a problem in your office, then you must be the first person to break yourself away from the habits that are creating this problem. More than any speech that you can give during the team meeting, the other people in the office will follow the example that you give as leader and the owner of the small business.

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