The Types of Copywriting Every Business Needs

The Types of Copywriting Every Business Needs

New entrepreneurs or business owners don’t always understand that they’ll always need copy for their business. The kind of copy needed will depend on what’s being created. Websites, sales pages, brochures and products all need a different kind of copywriting to be created to perform a certain task for the business.

Product Descriptions

An eCommerce business, or one that sells on their website as well as their physical location, will need product descriptions to sell their products. While it would be incredible if products sell themselves, that rarely happens. Instead, it’s the copywriting that will compel people to buy. There’s an art to creating product descriptions. The copy should tell them what they’re getting, what is required of the customer and what it will do for their lives.

The product descriptions should do more than list the characteristics of the product itself. It has to appeal to the customer and make them want to purchase. Showing the features of the product and how that will make the person’s life better is one way that copywriters can create good product descriptions.

Sales Copy

While product descriptions have a bit of sales to them, sales copy is an entirely different world. Sales or marketing copy is the way you’ll gain customers from landing pages, social media ads, mailers, postcards and brochures. Compelling marketing or sales copy can’t sound like a used car salesman who is trying to sell a lemon.

The copy has to tell the customer exactly why they’ll benefit from the product or service while being honest and persuasive. Sales copy can include press releases, copy for television or radio commercials, podcasts or email blasts to customers.

Collections or Invoices

There’s a certain language that has to be used during collections or with invoices. When it comes to invoices, you want every customer to understand the way your business expects to be paid. It should also detail what happens if they don’t pay, but there’s an art and style to this wording that can’t offend the customer. While some customers might pay immediately, new business owners will soon realize that that isn’t always the case.

This leads to collections. Collection copy requires a delicate voice and legal language that has to be very specific since there are illegal and legal ways to collect on overdue invoices. You should have policies in place and steps to be taken to collect on overdue invoices, and the customer should be informed of your policies and procedures within your copy.

Terms and Conditions

This type of copy is the contract between your customers and your company when they purchase products or services from you. This copy will need to be accessible to all potential and current customers. Some new business owners think terms and conditions is only needed when the company rakes in millions in sales, but it’s vital for all businesses. You want to start off on the right foot with your business, which means you’ll need a terms and conditions page on your website.

In your terms and conditions, you’ll need to detail your shipping policy, refund and exchange policy as well as other policies like whether you’ll accept guest posting on your site and the requirements to be considered.

About Page

On your website, there should be an About page. This page should have a history of the company, a bit about you as the business owner and your mission statement. This is essentially an extended elevator pitch and the story of how you got started and your goals. Customers like to know who they are buying from when they make a purchase.

The copy shouldn’t be a rambling account of your entire life and every struggle you’ve ever had. It should be strong, concise and interesting to the consumer. It should be an extended version of what you use when pitching to people or meeting them at a networking event.

New business owners often think they can easily throw together something quick to toss onto their website, or create their own copy without giving it much thought. Good copy can mean the difference between capturing a customer and losing them to someone else. Ensure you’re taking your copy seriously when starting your business, or you might not be around for long.

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