Tame Your Telephone

By Billee Pike

Your telephone can be one of your most valuable business tools. Or it
can become a time management handicap ó incessantly de manding your
attention and be coming more of an intrusive interruption than an asset.
And it can cost you hours of precious time. Here are some ways to tame
your telephone:

Is it really necessary to answer your phone each time it rings? If not,
let your answering machine or voice mail answer it for you.

Leave a short greeting on your answering machine or voice mail. Some
people won’t wait to leave a message if your greeting is too long. Also,
in your greeting, ask people to leave a detailed message so you’ll be
better prepared for your return call.

Make sure you have everything you need before you make or return your
calls, for instance, customer files, price lists, order forms, a pen.

Make or return calls during a certain block of time. Anytime you group
activities together, it’s a time saver.

Make or return calls between 4 and 5 p.m. Most people end their business
day around 5 p.m., so they will be more inclined to get down to business
rather than chat.

Use a timer. When you answer or make a phone call, set your timer for a
certain amount of time. When the timer goes off, it’s time to wind up
the call.

Do other “busy” work while you’re on the phone. Stuff envelopes, sign
letters, staple reports, etc.

Use a speaker phone or headset. With your hands free, you can be far
more productive. It’s much easier and faster to check files, use the
computer, take notes or other necessary tasks.

Leave a detailed message when you get an answering machine or voice mail
during your outgoing calls. This lets the other person be prepared when
they return your call. If your message is detailed enough, it may
eliminate the need for a call-back altogether.

Control your time on the phone and you will save valuable time.
Remember, in one hour of uninterrupted time, you can get as much done as
you would in 2Ω hours of interruptible time. Think about it (but not too
long ó you have work to do!). HBM

Billee Pike has a full line of reports and books, many with reprint and
resell rights. BilleePike was the owner of Dailee Dispatch.

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    Please let your readers know that Dailee Dispatch has been out of business for over 20 years. I wrote this article 20+ years ago. Thank you.

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