Do More with Less: Supercharge Your Paid Social Media

Supercharge your paid social media effort, so you can get the results you need in less time. Whether you need to launch your social media advertising campaign or if you need to improve an existing strategy, you can make your advertising work better for you. Begin leveraging the pool of prospects and the prolonged exposure social media offers you, as a way to build your business.

Commit to the Effort

Millions of social media users spend several hours every day on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Many users stay logged in al day, keeping an eye on topics of interest. You have a chance to attract these users to your website and your business in a simple, cost-effective way through paid advertising.

You might at first hesitate to increase spending on your company, hoping to gain results from organic social media efforts. Although you can win a following by posting valuable content to social media, such an effort takes a long time and often requires intricate plans that cost much in time and labor. In the end, a paid social media campaign gets your message out to prospects in a faster, less expensive way.

Leverage Relevance

Facebook rates advertisements based on how well they engage an audience. When you expend the effort to tweak your ads to engage your audience, you can successfully compete with other advertisers for placement. When your ad has high relevance, you get more impressions at a lower cost.

Relevance also matters to Twitter, a crucial forum for paid advertising. Twitter measures the quality of tweets by how well they resonate with your audience. Twitter also measures relevance and timeliness to calculate how well, overall, a tweet engages the community. When you improve your engagement by one percent, you can reduce your advertising cost by as much as five percent. Some Twitter advertisers pay as little as one cent per re-tweeted ad.

Improve Quality

Rather than aiming for a high volume of tweets that span multiple topics, use only your highest quality content for your tweets. The quality of your tweets attract users and earn favorable advertising rates.

To find out what content you have that performs well, look at your Twitter Analytics. Look for the content with the most retweets, replies, and favorites to find quality content worthy of more attention.

Target Keywords and Hashtags

Keyword targeting works on Twitter, in ways similar to the ways keywords work on Google. Differences exist, however, in the style and use of keywords. While keywords for Google seem structured and designed for machines, a conversational tone characterizes Twitter keywords.

You can find Twitter keywords already used by your audience and use them for hashtags to expand your reach. Hashtags automatically get your message in front of relevant users who have expressed interest in your topic.

Use Facebook Commercial Data

Facebook tracks the buying habits of its users, so you can find market segments you can target for advertising. This data helps because Facebook users don’t always have a commercial mentality. By using Facebooks data, you can target audiences that have, in the past, bought products similar to yours. Twitter provides consumer data in a way similar to Facebook’s presentation. On either social platform, you can narrowly target your message to attract likely buyers.

Leverage Demographics

Facebook and Twitter offer robust demographic data on users that you can use to create advertising campaigns. With more than two thousand statistical and life-event points available for targeting, you can reach the prospects that have the most interest in your products and services.

Remarket Your Message

In many ways, remarketing on social media works better than on PPC advertising networks where remarketing ads rarely show. On social media, the flow of time removes the element of page position in remarketing, so you have a genuine shot at re-exposing your audience to your message. On Twitter, you can decide what pages of your website you want to use in your remarketing campaign. When you have the opportunity to refine and remarket your message, you get better results for your advertising dollar.

Include New Formats

New advertising formats, such as the Facebook Call button provide direct connections between buyers and sellers, further improving your advertising ROI. The new buttons and other formats work well on mobile platforms, increasing your exposure to a growing portion of social media users.

By taking a few simple steps, you can supercharge your paid social media campaign so that you can get more leads, more prospects, and more sales. As you implement the tips presented here, keep your eyes open for even more ways to improve and customize your social advertising.

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