Streamlining the Sales Process

Beating the bushes for marketing leads and then converting those leads to sales can be a time-consuming process, with lots of room for error. That’s why it’s wise to take a close look at your sales process and make sure it is as streamlined as possible. Areas to pay attention to are the target audience, the sales funnel, and the techniques to close sales. In addition, you need to make sure to provide the ideal environment for your salespeople to excel at what they do, either through training or structural supports. Follow these four easy steps to streamline your sales process to boost sales and increase productivity.

1. Identify Your Ideal Sales Demographic

When your salespeople are trying to sell to people who aren’t their ideal buyer persona, they will have much more difficulty closing a deal. Ideally, all your marketing efforts should be to attract the ideal customer to your door. That means that your web content should be targeting those individuals that fit your ideal demographic. By the time, you’ve gotten their email or a call from them, you should know that they are the type of people who are likely to buy your products and services and have the budget to do so. If not, you stand to waste a lot of time with people who only show up to collect free offers and then disappear or who can’t close a deal for lack of funds. This can represent a lot of wasted time for sales people who need to be reaching people who are your ideal sales demographic from the get go, whether they show up as a marketing lead on a website, via a cold call, or at an event.

2. Have A Set Sales Funnel In Place

If you know what you are selling and to whom, the next part of the process is to set up several sales funnels to make sure that your buyers can end up with the products and services that are right for them and meet their needs. That might mean having different sales teams that specialize in different products and services and then directing calls to the right team. It might mean training the salespeople to identify which sales funnel is likely to work for which individuals, for instance, when they identify a luxury buyer versus someone who is more budget conscious. They should have a very good knowledge of the products and services they sell and how they can benefit different types of buyers in your demographic so to steer them to the right product.

3. Create the Ideal Sales Environment

Salespeople who are working with multiple clients need a structured work environment so that no matter who handles a request, they can look up the history of the client, what any issues might be, how it has been addressed, and where to direct the customer further. This can be in the form of a client’s database. Customer paper files should also be easily available and well-organized, in case the system is down or further information is needed. Also, reduce any distractions in the process by blocking sites like social networks online. Set goals for sales and limits on wasting time on unproductive activities that don’t lead to sales, like answering interoffice or private emails. Try to keep a positive environment, by offering sales incentives. Minimize negative habits, like office gossip, and set the example in modeling those behaviors you want your employees to follow each day.

4. Practice Closing a Deal In Different Ways

Salespeople are normally naturally charming and persuasive, but it doesn’t help to train them in the art of closing the deal in different ways. You can boost the bottom line through different techniques like cross-selling and upselling product lines. You can list the types of objections that might arise and how to overcome them, so that your sales team is never left speechless or without a good reason to buy. Finally, make sure they have practical knowledge on how to offer financing for those clients that may not be able to close without it.

Set Your Salespeople Up to Succeed

Nothing creates success like more success. Solicit feedback from your star salespeople on what is working and then communicate that to others. If something isn’t working, structurally or for some other reason, accept the feedback without resenting it. Address the issue and remove any obstacles towards the sales process when they are spotted. Make sure to toot your sales accomplishments too, and reward them. It will not only boost morale, but make it a fun place to work. When the goals are communicated clearly and then they are met, it is time to celebrate and reap the rewards of all your hard work. When salespeople feel supported and incentivized in their efforts, it motivates them to succeed, leading your company to benefit too.

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