Selecting the Right Accounting Software for Your Business

Doing your own accounting can be a real pain if you’re not an accountant. Accountants get paid big money to manage people’s finances, balance their budgets, crunch numbers, and input a lot of data. So why do you want an accounting job if you’re not even getting paid for it? Your job should be to focus on your business, spending more on time on marketing, advertising, and offering a great service or product to your customers or clients. Perhaps you cannot afford to hire an accountant; another great reason why choosing an accounting software can be the best choice for you and your business.


Why Invest in Accounting Software?

There are numerous reasons why investing in an accounting software is very beneficial for your business. Ensuring that you comply with all laws and regulations is one of the key reasons that accounting software May benefit your business. Tax laws, financial regulations, and other accounting principles are just a few things that accounting software can take care of for you, by doing most of the leg work and also help guide you to ensure that you are meeting compliance. Another major reason why you might need an accounting software is because your current system might be too complicated or not complex enough. For example if you use the software called, a budgeting software created by Dave Ramsey, it’s definitely handy for planning your budget but it doesn’t include everything you need that an accountant could provide for you. Accounting software could provide services such as payroll transactions, ERP, POS, CRM, or other third-party solutions.

An accounting software might also be able to help you by linking your bank account and credit card so that you can automatically track your expenses and keep your books updated.


Features of Accounting Software

Your accounting software should at the very least, be able to provide basic accounting tasks, this can include anything from tracking your income and expenses, invoicing, client or vendor management, and creating financial reports.

Aside from the basics, you can also find an accounting software that offers automatic billing, past due notifications, or even reoccurring payments or memberships. This will alleviate the time that you have to input them yourself. Many accounting software is also provide invoice creation. Another handy feature to have in your accounting software would be to have mobile access so that you can do your accounting from anywhere, at any time.


Costs to Expect with Accounting Software

The cost of an accounting software can range anywhere from $10 / month to $40 / month, of course depending on the package(s) you choose, and if you tack on any add-on services that the software may offer.

Some good factors to look into, or questions to ask might be if there are any setup fees or cloud storage fees. You might also want to know what type (if any) of tech support or customer service is offered with the software. Is there live chat? 24/7 customer service? A ticket system? How can you contact help if needed?


How to Choose the Best Accounting Software

You should find out if the accounting software(s) you are looking at is built for small businesses, and if it’s a good fit for your industry. This is the first step to choosing a great accounting software.

You should also find out if the accounting software offers customized solutions to fit your particular business needs. Do you need invoicing? Automated billing or membership fee collection services? If so, ensure that the software offers such features.

Another great factor to look into is to find out how many employees, clients, or customers the accounting software can accommodate. Find out if you can have multiple people log-in to access the records if needed, or input data.

In addition, you would be wise to ensure that your chosen accounting software will help you comply with GAAP, tax laws and any other financial regulations. You might also want to make sure that your data will be backed up, and find out if there is any extra charge for this. Some accounting software will charge you for cloud storage, while some will include it with your package. Also, make sure that your data can be accessed and restored immediately if there should never be an outage. The best accounting software will also provide top-of-the-line security measures to keep your business information and your customers’ information secure. Find out which security features are offered to ensure this information remains safe and secure. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in claims should any of your data be compromised due to lack of security.

With a vast array of accounting software available to choose from, you should bear in mind all the features discussed earlier to make sure that the accounting software suits the needs of your small business. Accounting software can be inexpensive and save you much time and headache. Choosing the best software for your business is critical for your success.

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