Part Time Businesses You Can Start From Home

If you need more income and another full-time job is not the answer, this listing was designed for you! We’ve prepared a selection of up-to-date businesses that can be operated in or from your home on a part-time basis (in-some cases these are opportunities that can expand into full-time positions if your aim is to someday work for yourself). Most of these businesses require no special training and relatively little investment. The two critical requirements are your willingness to work and a dedication to your business.

When you have decided on your business, check state and local requirements for licenses, permits and make arrangements for start-up supplies. It is always a good idea to write out your business plan – an outline of what you intend to do and how you plan to go about it. Include everything you can think of that your business will involve. The action will “force” you to organize your business (in your mind as well as on paper) and greatly increase your chances for profit and success.


One of the easiest jobs that you can begin working from home on a part time basis is as a professional writer. The ceiling for the amount of money you can make is only limited by the time you’re willing to commit and your writing abilities. There are various services out there that you can register as a professional writer, but for ease of use and the limited amount of time needed to get started we recommend the following website which offers a quick sign up process, getting you on your way as fast as possible.

Social Media Promotion

Are you the sort of individual that spends most of their time on social media networks? Would you consider yourself an expert (or maybe a better term would be addict) on Twitter or Facebook? As these mediums continue to grow, businesses are desperate to grow their follower bases and improve their Klout scores. As a result active social media participants, or those that are willing to become active social media users, can begin working part time and start making money from home.


Do you speak English? DO you speak another language? While many of you may not, for those that do speak 2 or more languages, there is a variety of work available for translation services. This is all part time work and most importantly is something you can do from home when it fits your schedule. If you are interested in learning more, this website can get you up, running, and making money off your skill set immediately.

Paid Surveys

Often the claims on how much a person can make from taking online surveys is overplayed. However by working with the right programs and focusing on high returns it is possible for individuals to make money by filling out online surveys. Often businesses and user groups are desperate to get feedback on items ranging from new product lines to website designs, similar to how movie studios do pre-screenings to get audience feedback before they do the final cut of a film. To get started, this website offers a more detailed breakdown on how you can begin making money from taking online surveys.

Office Cleaning

While the economy begins to recover, business continue to grow across the country. One of the most underserved areas of this growth is an exciting opportunity that you can leverage into your own part time business, with serious income potential.

Mail Order Business

For many individuals the idea of running a business part time out of their home seems a major task involving large amount of overhead and cash needed to get started. However following the right steps a dedicated individual can begin selling items out of the home with limited investment. Starting your own mail-order business is an exciting opportunity for many individuals looking to secure their financial security with a part time business.


Capturing special moments has been a past time in America since the invention of the camera, more importantly it is also something that individuals are willing to pay for. While there are many amateur and professionals crowding the market, with an active marketing plan and through solid word of mouth taking professional photographs is a viable option for many individuals looking for a way to develop a supplemental income.

Affiliate Marketing

With the growth of the internet, many individuals have not only supplemented but actually surpassed their full time work by learning how to sell items online. While initially many individuals were selling the items themselves on either eBay or Amazon, some individuals have established themselves as affiliate marketers leveraging their knowledge in a field and their own social networks and the internet at large to sell items online through successful marketing campaigns, all from the comfort of home on a part time basis.

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones continue to dominate the marketplace and mobile marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing marketplaces. While this is likely an area that few of our readers have heard of, one of the reasons it makes our list so high is the lack of resources needed to get started. Another huge benefit to this market is the open rates associated with mobile marketing, while the typical marketing email is opened between 8 and 20% of the time – mobile notifications are opened at close to 97% meaning that the return on investment is much easier to attain.


Do you fancy yourself a person that enjoys working with their hands? Did you enjoy 8th grade woodshop class? You may have what it takes to create and sell your own woodworking projects. While the market may seem small, with the growth of Pinterest, Etsy the market for home crafted items is booming. For those interested in the idea but not sure where to start, Tom’s Woodworking site offers plans for projects that range from novice to advanced. So even if you don’t choose to sell your creations you can have some fun in your part time.

Home Based Bakery

In any neighborhood, the demand for baked food is always high. People are constantly looking for fresh bread, cakes and other similar food products. If you plan well, you can make enough of them in the evening and then supply them to wherever they are needed. You can also have someone do the deliveries during the day when you are attending to your job.

Web Design

Companies as well as individuals create new websites almost every day. This means that the demand for web design services is high. The best part is that you do not need too much money to start this; as long as you have the skills, a computer and a reliable internet connection, you are good to go.

Residential Cleaning

Many people do not have the time to clean their houses on their own. They always look for individuals or companies to do the cleaning. With a little capital, you can buy the cleaning equipment and detergents then do the cleaning during weekends or whenever you are free.

Local Publication

With knowledge in desktop publishing, you can start a local publication business with almost zero investment. As time goes by, you will become the trusted source for flyers, business cards, newsletters, posters and many others.


Everyone wants to learn something. If you are good in anything, you can be a teacher. Creating some space in your home so that you can teach people about mathematics, blogging, business or even parenting will earn you some good money. This can be done during weekends and in the evening.

Event Planning

Even though there are many corporate events that take place every year, the companies that organize them hardly have time to do the planning. They want someone who will take care of the ensure function such as entertainment, guests, timekeeping, and many others. You easily can offer this from your home.

Professional Coaching

Coaching is another lucrative venture. If you are a sportsperson, you can coach a few people about soccer, rugby, basketball or any other sport. The best part about this is that you can use these sessions as your exercise time thus reaping double benefits from it.


Are you an accountant, a designer, an award winning artists or even a very experienced engineer? If yes, there are lots of consultation jobs that you can do from your home. There are many companies that want your guidance on how to do several things. Since you are the voice of authority in your niche, they have no option but to trust you.

Dog Breeding

Although many people like keeping dogs, surveys have shown that very few know how to breed them. They only want to find one that is already grown up. You can take advantage of this and start a dog breeding business. As long as your services are good, you will have many clients.

eBay Assistant

Just go to eBay and you will find many sellers who do not have the knowledge of how to manage their online stores. Even though they have very good products, they are not making any sales because they just do not have any idea of what to do. Helping them sell will earn you good returns.

Household Organizer

Just because your house in always clean and neatly arranged does not mean that everyone has the same skills. You will be baffled to find out that in your neighborhood, there are people who do not know how to organize items in their houses. Just start a business that offers these services and get high profits.

Jewelry Making

Ornaments are always on high demand and if you can make them in your free time at home, you will make money from them. Make sure that you find quality raw materials and create designs that people in your area will like.

Interior Decoration

If you have some knowledge in interior decoration, you have the potential to make lots of money through a home based business. Offices, factories, homes and other places require a new décor every time. Use your skills to give them the best interior decoration and you will make money.

Graphic Design

You can design logos, create graphics for posters, and create other images from your home. You only need a good computer and the right software. You also should try to be unique because nobody wants graphics that are already too common.

Music Lessons

Can you sing, play the guitar, write music or dance? There are many people who would like to learn your skills. Just advertise for this service and you will get an overwhelming g response.


If you can take professional photographs, you can make money from home. You can invite clients to your home studio or offer your services at events such as weddings and birthday party celebrations.

Delivery Service

A delivery business can be about anything. You can deliver mails food or even business merchandise. You need to have the right equipment’s such as a motorbike.

Furniture Making

If you have skills in making or repairing furniture, your neighborhood needs you. You can win the hearts of many clients if you help them find high quality furniture without having to spend too much. The ability to make customized furniture will give you an edge over your competitors.

Children Fitness

Everyone talks about fitness for grownups. However, they do not know the importance of children fitness. If you can help them avoid overweight issues among kids, you are sure to make money from it.

T-shirt Making

Make some cool T-shirts and sell them. You might want to include graphics that your clients can relate to. It also is a good opportunity to make shirts for soccer teams, clubs or even for special events. This requires you to have some knowledge in fabric printing too.

If you look carefully at the above businesses you can start from home, you will realize that they all need adequate marketing to succeed. You need a website from where you clients can find you. Upload pictures of your products and describe your services so that they know exactly what you are offering. It also is important to give clear directions to whoever wants to visit your home. The good thing is that coming up with a website for a small home based business is not a difficult task. You can even do it yourself very fast and for free.

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