How to Order Business Cards

How to Order Business Cards

When getting your business started and settled, one of the first things you want to order are business cards. Business cards are a form of free advertising. While they are not free, the cost of giving one away is very little compared to the cost of creating online ads or even flyers.

Decide what you want to appear on your business card and whether you want it to be one-sided or double-sided. Things to consider are your business logo, business colors, address, phone number, email address, web address and perhaps your business slogan. All of this data can fit on one side of the card, although it may appear cluttered. You can place some of the information on the back side of the card, or place a mini calendar on the back side of the card so that your recipients can use the card as well.Determine what font you want to use, what type of print and the type of card stock and card color you prefer. Many law firms or financial services firms, even banks use the heaviest card stock to convey quality and weight. You can pick whatever weight of card stock you prefer. There are also different card colors ranging from white to cream and even light blue. The options are endless. So is the print and font style. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from and you can even choose raised printing.

You may even want to consider custom business cards. Some printers offer graphic designers on site or you can hire one to design a custom card for you. The benefits of a custom card are that it stands out and there will be no other business card similar to yours.

Figure out where you want to have your business cards printed. There are print houses as well as companies such as FedEx Kinkos that will print business cards for you. On top of that, there are many online printers that offer templates you can use and immediate visuals of what your final business card will look like. The online printers can be helpful if you want to order business cards on your own time and in the convenience of your home or office.

You can also print your own business cards yourself using your home or office printer. It does help to have business card software to use as this type of software would come with design and template options and also print to business card sizes. Additionally, you will have to use stock paper designed for business cards, but printing them yourself gives you the option to choose the paper you want to use and in what quantity. Not to mention, you can only print as much as you need at any given time and print more when you need more.

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