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The nature of business is a far cry from what it was just a decade ago. Since the advent of the Internet, small business owners now have a worldwide audience available. However, it takes much more work than simply launching a company website and accompanying that with a Facebook page. Popular search engines use complicated algorithms and methods in their ranking process, and you have to ensure you’re doing everything on your end to ensure you come up as a top result. The implementation of a company blog is a key that can help you increase your success, and there are some tools to optimize yours that you don’t want to miss out on.

Don’t Be So Salesy

There are many driving factors behind setting up a company blog. Whether that be to establish yourself as an authority in your field, increase web traffic, or generate new leads, you should ensure you don’t fall into the habit of creating sales messages in your posts. This isn’t the correct platform. Readers are here to become informed, and you should act as a mentor to them as you create new content. Ask yourself who your readers are, and create articles that will help them better understand your products, services, and overall mission.

Headlines Are Key

The best way to capture the attention of a potential customer on your business blog is to create catchy headlines they’ll have a hard time not delving into. There are a few tips to coming up with the types of headlines sure to capture attention including:

  • Use of emotional words
  • Lists using numbers
  • Offering a specific benefit they can take advantage of by reading further

Lead Readers In

In a world where instant gratification has become key, it’s crucial that you keep a reader’s attention beyond the initial headline. That means the first couple of paragraphs must contain content that will keep them wanting more information. For starters, you can use empathy with your reader, assuring them that they’re not the only one facing a particular problem. Let them know you have a solution, and appeal to the love for convenience by letting them know you are here to offer simple tricks.

Don’t Forget an Inspirational Ending

Once you’ve maintained their attention, you want your reader to actually be inspired to act, and hopefully they’ll be moved to check out your business site for products or services. The best way to achieve this on your company blog is to inspire them in your conclusion. Here, you remind them that there is a solution to the problem addressed. Remember that, as a blogger, you not only want to share valuable tips and tricks to your readers, but you want them to actually do something to enhance their quality of life. Some ways you can inspire them include:

  • Remind them of step one to help them get started
  • Give a pep talk
  • If the solution involves some work, remind them of how much better their lives will be once the process is complete

Establish a Personable Tone

As a business owner, it can be easy to start to talk like a robot when it comes to matters of the industry. Because of this, business bloggers all too often become robotic in their posts. Instead, you need to engage your readers, and a great way to do this is to ask them questions. This gets them thinking. A few other great ways to establish a personable tone include:

  • Chop up long paragraphs into shorter ones to avoid a wall of text.
  • Avoid terms such as “excellent customer service” and top-of-the-line.
  • Avoid sounding passive by saying things such as, “you’ll be contacted.” Instead, say, “we’ll contact you.”
  • Use contractions such as “you’ll” and “he’s” to sound less formal

Take the Time to Establish Your Keywords

When someone is seeking the information you have to offer, they likely aren’t going to enter your URL. Instead, they’ll turn to one of the popular search engines such as Google. You must determine the keywords they’ll be using, and you can use tools such as Google Analytics to find which words to incorporate into your content.

Making the Most of Your Business

No longer are small business owners confined to local competition. With a growing number of consumers now shopping online, you have to ensure you’re able to compete with others in the industry all over the world. Your blog is a place potential customers can go to become better informed of the products and services you have to offer as well as make you an expert in their minds. By taking these measures to optimize your blog, you can be on your way to opening the floodgates of new business to expand and truly experience entrepreneurial success.

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