Merchant Account Comparisons

Small Business owners are often overwhelmed with the process of find a simple, and cost effective means to process credit cards on their website.

This process is complicated by the number of options available to them, as well as adverse selling tactics which are employed by some credit card processors, which are used to draw your focus away from what is important as long as you sign on their dotted line.

As a result many online businesses take the very simple option of working with a 3rd Party Processor such as PayPal, ClickBank, or Google Checkout. There are tradeoffs to the ease of use and limited cost fluctuations you will see using one of these methods. While you have the benefit of often employing click and install systems, as well as a clear and concise transaction fees, you are paying a premium on those fees. They offer a blended transaction fee for all credit cards and types, this rate is set high enough that they are not concerned about ever losing money on any account. This means with a little work and knowledge of the merchant account industry, you can also secure for yourself and your business lower processing costs.

Working with a merchant account provider is not without potential issues though. One of the biggest drawbacks is that each credit card processor has its own policies on how to set up accounts. On top of that each sales representative has it in his/her own power on how they set up the account. If you are working with a reputable merchant provider, and a solid sales representative, then you’re life will be a lot easier. Run into a poor company, or a dishonest sales rep and you are putting your business on the line.

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