Low Cost Businesses You Can Start at Home

In each upcoming issue of HOME BUSINESSÆ Magazine we will feature a list
of what we consider to be some of the hottest new home business
opportunities. Most of these opportunities require minimal start-up
costs and offer a tremendous amount of schedule flexibility. We hope to
provide you with a variety of profitable ideas that suit your interests,
talents and financial needs. We at Home BusinessÆ Magazine wish you luck
in starting your home business!

1.AUTO DETAILING Americans drive one-third of the automobiles in the
world, even though they account for only 1/20 of the worldís
population. With over a hundred million automobiles on the road today,
auto detailers are in ever-increasing demand. Most people do not have
the time, nor patience, to properly maintain their vehicles. As a
result, many automobile owners are willing to pay a professional to
take over this responsibility. Auto detailing is a lucrative business
opportunity because of its steady clientele base and low overhead
costs. Detailers can make $50-$100 per car in their very own

2.MAIL-ORDER The number of people who shop by mail has increased
significantly over the past ten years. Today, a wide variety of
products are sold by mail including cosmetics, books, toys, and food.
The key to mail-order success is carefully researching the market and
identifying customer needs. Next, come up with a unique item to sell,
that is both appealing and easy to ship, i.e. lightweight and not
breakable. Gain business by either sending information about your
product directly to your customers or by advertising your product in a
reputable catalog. With a high quality product and a proper
advertising strategy, your mail-order business will be profitable in
no time.

3.NEWSLETTER PUBLISHING Is there a particular topic or hobby that
fascinates you? Chances are, many others share this common interest
and would enjoy hearing more about it. Publishing your own
special-interest newsletter is a means of merging your personal and
professional interests. It takes time to build up circulation,
however, accruing subscribers can be expedited by purchasing mailing
lists from organizations that provide products or services that
pertain to your newsletter. For example, if you have a passion for
mountain biking and want to make money by expressing it, purchase a
mailing list from a renowned bike shop or from an established biking
journal. With sufficient leads, you will be on your way to publishing

4.PARTY COORDINATOR Be the life of any party! Earn dollars by
organizing birthdays, wedding receptions, graduation parties, and bar
mitzvahs. Being a professional party coordinator is a great way to
meet new people and have fun while you work. Start-up costs are low,
profits are high. You organize the entertainment, prepare the food,
and supply the decorations. After all the guests leave, you provide
the clean-up. Since there is always an occasion to celebrate, party
coordinators are in demand year round. So if you really know how to
party, why keep this secret all to yourself?

5.CHILD CARE PROVIDER Due to the increase in both double-income and
single parent families, the need for child care providers has
skyrocketed. Parents across the nation are desperately looking for
people who can meet the social, physical, and mental needs of their
children. To become a child care provider, you must take courses in
first aid and obtain a license from the city. If your house has ample
room, it can easily be converted into a day care facility. A nurturing
environment for children should be safe and clean, containing plenty
of educational toys and games. Opening a day care facility is ideal
for mothers who want to stay home with their own children.

6.PERSONAL SHOPPER ShoppingÖ Americaís favorite pastime. Turn the most
popular contact sport of the 90s into a money-making operation! Earn
dollars by pushing a cart down the frozen food aisle of your
neighborhood supermarket. Spend your workday getting exercise at the
local mall. Its easy, its stress-free, and its probably the only
opportunity you will get to shop with other peopleís money. The
greatest part of all is that there are absolutely no start-up costs.
Demand for personal shoppers is relatively high. People who work full
time, senior citizens, and the disabled are all in need of shopping
assistance. So, if you are a certified shopaholic and are familiar
with all the best bargains in town, this may be the right job for you.

7.BOOKKEEPER Looking for a way to earn between $20,000 and $70,000 out
of your home? If you have strong organizational and math skills,
bookkeeping is a good occupation for you. Even if number crunching is
not your specialty, there are many bookkeeping software packages on
the market that assist amateur bookkeepers. As a bookkeeper, you will
be in charge of maintaining your clientís financial records. Tasks
entail keeping track of accounts receivable and payable, reconciling
bank payments, and preparing payrolls. You will also be responsible
for preparing financial statements, varying from balance sheets to
income statements.

8.TUTOR If you excel in a particular discipline or musical instrument,
sharing this talent with others can be a worthwhile activity. Tutors
run on their own schedules and earn up to $40 an hour for an
individual session, and up to $200 an hour for a group session.
Advertise your tutoring service by distributing flyers throughout the
neighborhood and by listing a classified ad within the local
newspaper. Donít let your talents go unrecognized! Make money at home
and enjoy the self-gratifying experience of teaching others.

9.SHUTTLE DRIVER Despite the giant boom in home businesses over the
past decade, the majority of the American labor force still commutes
to work every day. Commutes range anywhere between 2 minutes and 2
hours, depending on traffic. Because of the time and money saving
incentives of carpooling, many Americans have decided to drive to work
in one vehicle. Sometimes this one vehicle is a hired shuttle that
takes people to and from work, offering such amenities as a
continental breakfast in the morning. To be a shuttle driver, you must
have a registered van and an occupational license. The start-up costs
are high if you do not have a van, yet earning business is easy,
especially in metropolitan areas.

10.PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE Few people openly admit to enjoying
the art of cleaning. However, professional cleaning services have
enjoyed much success over the past decade and continue to proliferate
across the country. Professional cleaning businesses serve both
residential and commercial clients, in both general and specialized
areas. Specialty areas include carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning, or
upholstery cleaning. Getting listed in the classified ad section of the
local newspaper and distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood are
the best ways to advertise your cleaning service. By word of mouth,
your reputation will grow and bring you future clients.

11.HOME FINDER It is challenging for people to find new places to live
when they work from 9 to 5, five days a week. It is also challenging
when the housing market is completely saturated and vacancies are not
well publicized. Under these circumstances, home finders have relieved
many people of the burden of locating suitable accommodations. Home
finders take on the harrowing experience of finding housing for their
clients and get paid generously. Starting a home finding service is a
great home business opportunity of the 90s due to transitional labor
markets. More than ever, people are moving to new locations to satisfy
job demands.

12.EXERCISE AND NUTRITION CONSULTANT Help others reach their goals of
physical fitness and overall well-being. By becoming an exercise and
nutrition consultant, you can influence the lifestyles of many
individuals and direct them down the path of health and happiness.
Depending on location, health consultants earn up to $100 an hour.
Special training is required in the fields of physical fitness and
nutrition, yet the only other start-up costs are advertising. This
occupation is ideal for a person who is highly active, energetic and
able to effectively motivate others.

13.INTERNET WEBMASTER Internet illiteracy is an Achillesí heal for many
small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, many businesses
resistant to technological change are willing to pay exorbitant amounts
of money for assistance. As a professional webmaster, you will help
businesses adapt to the rapid changes in telecommunications. Your tasks
will include creating websites and instructing businesses on how to
sell and provide customer service over the Internet. This is one of the
fastest-growing fields in home business and has outstanding income

14.EQUIPMENT RENTAL Most people do not keep chainsaws and
steam-cleaning vacuums hidden in their garages, and with good reason.
These pieces of equipment are expensive and infrequently used. If a
person needs to trim the giant Oak in the front yard once a year, that
person will probably not mind paying the annual rental fee to obtain
the proper equipment. The same principle applies to extra tables and
chairs people need on special occasions. People who infrequently
entertain do not find it necessary to invest in excess furniture they
do not have the room to store. Rental services which offer these extra
items have been around for a long time, yet few have been home
businesses. Start-up costs are high, but long-term profits are almost

15.REAL ESTATE APPRAISER Make over $75,000 a year by assessing the
value of residential and commercial property. People interested in this
line of work must take courses in real estate appraisal and get
certified in their state. Correspondence classes are available in the
areas of: value assessment, building structural analysis, land-use and
environmental regulations, financial management and economic
forecasting. Local banks, lending institutions, lawyers, buyers,
sellers and tax collectors all heavily rely upon the work of real
estate appraisers. If you have good judgment and high quantitative
skills, this job opportunity could give you the chance to utilize your

16.ESTATE SALE COORDINATOR Approximately 90% of us are packrats. We
have difficulty parting with the clothes we wore in high school, even
though they are now four sizes too small. We have difficulty getting
rid of old typewriters that are still in perfect condition, yet have
been replaced by personal computers. If we want to get rid of these
items, we want some sort of monetary compensation. The only viable
solution is to have an estate sale. But how many of us actually want to
organize such an event? Estate sale coordinators take care of the dirty
work and ensure that people get justly compensated for giving up their
prized possessions. In return, estate sale coordinators get to take
home between 25% and 45% of the profits.

17.COMPUTER CONSULTANT Computer consulting services have increased
rapidly due to the streamlining of businesses across the nation. Now,
it is commonplace for small businesses and large corporations alike to
hire outside computer consultants to solve their business problems.
Computer consultants must not only be adept at identifying company
needs, but must be able to offer useful recommendations on how to meet
these needs. Being able to offer suitable recommendations requires that
one is familiar with all the available computer software and hardware
systems. If you have a strong technical background and the drive to
make over $100,000 a year, becoming a computer consultant is a good way
of realizing your full potential as a home business entrepreneur.

18.ANTIQUE DEALER Do you spend your Saturday mornings garage sale
hopping? If so, becoming an antique dealer may be right up your alley.
Antique dealers profit through buying, selling and trading antiques.
Half of the work consists of accumulating collectible items, the other
half consists of selling these collectible items at a higher resale
price. On average, antique dealers bring in about $200-$600 a week.
This opportunity is perfect for anyone who has an eye for value and
strong negotiation skills.

19.DESK-TOP PUBLISHING Add one computer, one high-resolution printer,
one desktop publishing software package, stir in a healthy imagination
and you can be on your way to brewing up a profitable business. Clients
ranging from medium-sized companies to government agencies hire desktop
publishers every day for a variety of tasks. As a desktop publisher,
you produce annual reports, promotional brochures, newsletters and
quarterly journals from your own home. Tap into your creative side and
take advantage of this excellent employment opportunity.

20.MEDICAL BILLING Doctors are required by law to submit claims to
Medicare on behalf of their patients. Due to a growing elderly
population, health providers have become tied down with processing
thousands of claims a month. Doctors cannot keep up with the paper work
and have turned to home-based services for help. Medical billing
services process insurance claims not just to Medicare, but to Medicaid
and private insurance companies as well.

Medical billing services have multiplied feverishly over the past
decade. With appropriate software, home business operators have
been able to file claims electronically, providing a service that
saves time and money for their clients. HBM

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