Leveraging Mobile Marketing for Small Business Success

Mobile marketing is an excellent tool for promoting your store, but you must leverage mobile marketing properly. Your business can spend quite a bit of money on marketing, but your marketing will be a waste without using proper tactics. The tactics used in your digital marketing plan will help you reach your customers and increase sales, below learn the three simplest ways to leverage digital marketing for your business.

Everyone has a cell phone in today’s world, and mobile ads will reach digital customers faster than television commercials or radio ads. You are targeting the one device that all your customers have in-hand at all times, and marketing reaches customers in a place that makes planning a purchase simple. Customers can see your ads, find your store and plot directions to your store in a matter of minutes.

#1: Create Something Fun

You must create a platform that keeps your customers coming back because they enjoy your business. Enjoyment comes from playing games, participating in events and seeing deals that other customers do not see. You may create an app for your business that includes a game similar to the one KLM uses with its customers, or you may create an app that gives your customers information in their notification bar. A simple reminder of an upcoming sale is more than enough to lead a customer back to you when they want to make another purchase.

A fun environment can be found in games, but applications are fun on their own. Your app may allow customers to shop in your store, or the app will display all the new products that are coming out soon. Your devoted customers will enjoy shopping with you, and their shopping cart may be present in their app. The shopping cart leads their excursions to your store, and each customer will have a more satisfying experience.

#2: Make Everything As Fresh As Possible

A fresh application helps your customers see the latest news from your business. Something that happened a week ago is old news, but you see old TV commercials run every day. The money spent on that marketing is wasted, but the money spent on fresh marketing keeps customers alert. Anyone who sees new content will feel compelled to come back to your store, and you may have repeat customers visit you several times a week.

New content includes new events or deals in your store. Publicize an upcoming event through your app, and change the games when your customers want something new to do. Keeping your customers on their toes makes your business seem more exciting, and you will enjoy creating new content for your customers. Send messages to your in video format, and create articles that explain the latest products coming to your store. Customers who have something new to experience every day will wait with bated breathe for your next update.

#3: Ask For An Honest Opinion

Customers do not mind taking surveys when their opinion is taken seriously. The applications you create for your business can post surveys for your customers to complete, and each survey will guide the experience you create in the store. Be certain that you make changes based on responses you receive in these surveys, and your customers will notice when their ideas turn up in the store.

You can post a short survey every few days, or you may post a poll that asks your customers which products they want to see in the store. A poll will help you decide which products to carry in the store, and your customers will feel a sense of ownership in your business. Collaborative efforts are more exciting for your customers, and you have done everything through an app everyone has on their cell phone.

#4: Hold Contests Through The App

The app you create for your store can host contests that help you customers win prizes. Each contest will help you bring in new customers who may have just downloaded your app, and customers who win prizes for referrals will convince their friends to download your app. You are creating an environment where your customers market your business more than you do. Much of the work is taken out of your hands, and the application is the center of your marketing campaign.

Your business may not have a mobile app today, but you must with a designer who can create one for you. Mobile applications will improve your marketing exponentially, and mobile applications will become addictive for your customers. Create games customers will love playing, and create contests that require customer involvement. Every customer who spends a few moments downloading your app will feel a part of your business, and your connection with every customer becomes much stronger through a simple mobile portal.

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