Improving Your Ecommerce Product Pages

It’s easy to see how a photograph is so important in the marketing process. Photographs are flashy. Photographs are interesting. Photographs get attention. But the glamor should not stop there. They key in sales is not the photo, it is the product page. Having a well structured product page is what keeps the attention of customers and what closes the sale.

What is a product page?

A product page contains all identifying information for the product, along with instructions for purchase. It may also contain other information and links depending on the structure of the page. The fundamentals are the most important factors in creating a product page and should be reviewed for effectiveness before any complicated content is added.

Product Page Essentials

Product Name

The first few words of a product name should be the keywords for the product. If you are selling x brand women’s shoes, then the first words should be x brand women’s shoes. This is how search engines evaluate the relevancy of your product to the search.

The remaining characters in the product name should contain information about the product in order of relevancy: size, color, etc. These specifications are called long tail keywords and are taken into consideration by the search engine, though not with as much weight as the keywords.


The photograph should always be high quality and special considerations should be taken for the size and type of the product. Smaller objects need higher resolution. Larger objects should have multiple photos. ALWAYS LIST THE ACTUAL SIZE IN THE DESCRIPTION NO MATTER WHAT SIZE.

If you are selling clothing, it should be placed on a person or mannequin for the photograph.

Product Description:

Some research should be done on basic writing styles as the tone of the description should match the intended audience. A description for women’s shoes should not be the as one for a man’s razor.

List dimensions, sizes, and other details of the product.

The benefits and features of the product should be clearly communicated.

Include directions on how to purchase the product and shipping information.


Improving an Established Product Page

Once the basics of a product page have been reviewed, more complex features can be added.

Additional photographs that include various angels and ranges.

An Enlarge/Rotate Photo feature if very useful in reaching the maximum visibility of your product.

The Cross Sell feature can be displayed with a few structures. Normally, it is a horizontal slide of photos and prices of other products available from the same seller. The seller can choose which products are shown. The best way to decide this is to simply show products from the same category as they will most likely compliment the current product.

Customer reviews are a priceless resource. Listing them on product pages helps build seller reputation and buyer trust. In fact, 58% of online shoppers prefer sites with customer reviews.

A “You Save” feature shows the percentage of difference between the seller’s price and the retail price of a product.

With the Email to a Friend feature, the costumer can email the photo and product description to a friend. This feature has a huge potential of increasing product sales and costumer base.

Using social media tools on product pages has connected businesses with an exponential customer base. This feature is similar to the Email to a Friend feature. It shares the product picture, a shortened description, and a link to the product, on a social networking site when utilized by a customer.

The Add To Cart button should definitely be glamorized a bit. Make it bigger, make it brighter, make it enticing.

Running a business is a complex task. Creating a website is a complex task. Improving a product page shouldn’t be. Follow the basic steps of creating a product description page described above, then compliment them by using add-ons. This is the closest any business owner will get to 1-2-3.

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