Improving Your Cold Calling Skills

At one point or another in the life of a business, the ability to convince a new customer to make a purchase will be necessary. Contrary to popular belief, cold calling is still one of the most effective ways to create a relationship with new customers and actually convert them.

Here are some of the skills that you can cultivate in yourself and in your office to improve the cold calling skill set of your overall business.

– Change your perception of what a cold call is.

If you think of a cold call as an interruption to the party on the other side of the line, then you will not really be able to take any of the subsequent tips to heart. You must change your perception of a cold call as an opportunity to that person, not as an imposition.

If you have a great product with a truly unique feature set or a lower cost, then why would you be shy about introducing this product to people whom you have targeted as needing it? You need to look upon a cold call as an introductory conversation with a targeted customer about helping that person with his or her life. This will inform everything from your confidence on the phone to the way that your cold call recipient receives you.

– Improve company morale by practicing on each other before taking on any real cold calls.

Most offices make the mistake of throwing their salespeople into a room with a cold script and expect the results. This is not the habit of a successful sales companies – most of these companies cultivate a warm emotional environment in the office first. Although each and every salesperson seems to be on an individual call, the morale that is in the room affects the outcome of each individual call.

The way to raise morale in the room is to get rid of all of the fear that is associated with talking to a stranger. The exercises presented here are also a great way to help familiarize employees in the company with each other. All that you have to do is create scenarios for people in the office to act out. This will help to remove the fear that your salespeople have of violent rejections. If all of the worst scenarios have already been played out in front of you, then there is really nothing to be afraid of. No customer can say anything worse than what has already been said to the salesperson in the training.

As stated before, this exercise has the added benefit of helping the salespeople to trust each other. Once this trust is cultivated within the room, you will notice many direct and indirect benefits. People will begin having better conversations with their customers because they will not worry about being judged by their neighbor. You may also see salespeople help each other through communicating tidbits of information or offering advice on how to work a particular customer. You never know what will happen when you give people trust in each other and the freedom to exercise this trust for the benefit of your company!

– Pay special attention to the tone of your salespeople over the phone.

It is said that over 90 percent of communication is nonverbal. Anyone who listens closely to the way politicians talk can assure you that this is true. Politicians pay just as much attention to the way that they say things as what is being said. This should be the same attitude that you have when you take on a cold call over the phone.

Many customers make a purchase from a company because they trust the person who is on the other side of the line. Tone can communicate this trust in a nonverbal way with the words of the script serving only as the vehicle for the tone that is being cultivated. If you begin to look at your calls this way, then you will naturally pay more attention to the energy of your potential customer and adjust your pitch to the real time changes that are going on. In short, you and your salespeople will be able to go off script and have real conversations with your customers.

– Make sure that all of your salespeople know the product inside and out.

You can only get to warm conversations if your salespeople are technically proficient. Have quizzes every week on the technical aspects of the product to reinforce this concept.

Remember that you must cultivate the skills above inside of yourself before anyone else in the office will take the suggestion seriously. This may mean that you have to take on a few cold calls yourself. Do not be afraid to get down in the dirt with the people whom you have hired. In the small business environment, people will have much more respect for the owners and the bosses that hold themselves to the same standards as the employees.

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