How To Make Money From Public Domain Information

How To Make Money From Public Domain Information

Currently one of the buzz items on the internet is the chance to make money off of public domain information. Invariably that is probably why you have found yourself on this page. Typically the posts that talk about this information say something like the following: “There is a large amount of information(music/articles/pictures) that now belongs in the public domain(it is old enough that all copyright claims to it are now null and void). Enterprising individuals can take this information, repackage it and begin making money off it.” The difference between this post and most of the others on the web today is that they almost all follow that statement up with a section that goes: “Learn the secrets of how to do this by signing up for our special program here, which (for a small fee) will show you the ins and outs of navigating public domain information and how to make money off of it.”

Unfortunately many individuals sign up for these programs, and are left with little more than they had after reading the first paragraph of the initial page. Yes, it is possible for you to search out items that are currently in the public domain, repackage them, and then work to sell them on your own. The key here is that the selling aspect is the biggest challenge you will come up against, and these programs do little to provide actual real advice that translates to wins. A simple analogy would be to say that it is the equivalent of someone saying “if you start eating healthy and going to the gym, you can be in really good shape like this person (with a picture of a very in-shape individual”, and the program tells you little more than “eat healthy, go to gym”. The part where you can transform your body happens with an actual meal plan, and detailed instructions on how to lift/train when you are actually in the gym.

If you are looking to make money off of public domain information, it can be done, there are people out there who have managed to do so. However the steps to get there shouldn’t cost you anything (its public information). The selling aspect is the tough part, and the marketing that you’ll need to do is something that will not come from any paid package you sign up for. Our best advice is to try something on your own – if you can find public domain information to support whatever you are putting together to sell thats great, and rather than spend money on a “how to make money off of public domain information” booklet, research as much as you can on effective marketing techniques for a small business. Leverage your existing social contacts, and begin developing a network of individuals who are interested in the same topics as the item you are looking to develop and sell.

There is no quick fix to making money off of public domain information, it can be done but involves using that information as inspiration and content for a new item/content piece that you are excited about developing. The next step is the hardest part which is where you pull out all the stops to market that product, if its not something you would feel comfortable pitching and selling to your family and friends – please don’t feel the need to pitch and sell it to all of us!

I apologize if this ruined your hopes and dreams of a quick road to internet millions, but if you are interested in building a business from home we have a number of pages on our website that walk through some other low cost opportunities that you can start from home in your free time that you can build into real revenue streams for you and your family in the future. While still being updated to meet the current age this article on 107 Part Time Businesses You Can Start From Home should be a great starting point.


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