How to Capitalize on Obscure Holidays

As a small business owner, you’re probably already leveraging major holidays, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, to boost sales and profits. But what about relatively nascent holidays like Earth Day, National Soup Month, or National Cotton Candy Day? If you’ve never heard of such events, you’re likely missing out on opportunities to acquire customers, increase brand awareness, and expand your business.

Study Up

It’s difficult to know each obscure holiday out there. There’s at least five of them transpiring every month. As a small business owner, your mental faculties are already focused towards the traditional parameters that signal a business’ health and direction, such as cash flow, inventory, pending orders, and so forth. Nonetheless, allot time to research on the upcoming unusual holidays and how to best convey the celebratory spirit through your business.

Think Outside the Box

Obscure holidays are a chance for your business to show its fun side and its unique perspective on things. Unlike Valentine’s Day and Christmas where you can only really work on a limited number of decorative elements, an obscure holiday like National Doughnut Day can be met with some refreshing twists that spark sales and long-term interest in your brand. A good example would be a bake sale during Bastille Day or floral discounts on Arbor Day.

Time it Perfectly

Timing is a key factor to maximizing the impact of your marketing campaigns and business operations during obscure holidays. For instance, hold events and sales during times of the year where business is slow. This boosts sales and keeps brand awareness flowing. You don’t want to be putting up sales and discounts every time there’s an obscure holiday, though, since this can affect your bottomline over time. Instead, replace discounts and sales with promotions on new product and service lines. For instance, a bakery business could hold a weekend bingo game during Bingo Month or a cafe can introduce a new line of tea during Hot Tea Month.

Promote on Social Media

Nowadays, it’s not enough to market your brand through your physical store and its respective branches. You’ll have to promote it online as well. Get your target market hyped up about your upcoming holiday deals and promotions by posting well-designed advertisements on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share photos of your new product lines and encourage others to share your content. Be sure your marketing campaign has actual value and isn’t a cheap spinoff of last year’s campaign.

Focus on Relevant Holidays

Don’t just aim to be present in every obscure holiday. You’ll end up spreading your resources too thin and failing to maximize the impact each time. Instead, focus your efforts on holidays that are relevant to your brand. Restaurants, for example, should offer discounts and deals during National Soup Month. Sports stores should throw in free gear on purchases made during National Hobby Month. Trying to capture every move is both laborious and cost-ineffective. Sticking to what’s related to your industry makes promotions more sensible and high-impact.

Hold Contests

Perhaps the most memorable way you can establish your brand during obscure holidays is by holding a contest. This is especially common with businesses concerning food like restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and even delis. A great example would be holding an ice cream eating contest every July, which happens to be National Ice Cream Month.

Take Care of Your Workforce

During the busiest occasions of the year, small business owners tend to neglect their employees. Making them feel important is a surefire way to boost workforce productivity, which is especially useful during busy days where customers flock by the hundreds. Show them your appreciation by buying lunch, gifting coupons, or taking the entire group to a weekend all-expenses-paid vacation.

Be Well-Capitalized

While some events may be local, unusual, or both, it can generate large orders. If your’e undercapitalized, it won’t matter how many orders you get as you won’t be able to fulfill any of them.

Obscure holidays is a great way to build your customer base and increase awareness for your brand. The trick to effective execution of your marketing strategies and campaigns during these occasions is to be innovative and fun. Your contests, parade floats, or promotions may be cheap, but if it’s fun and interesting, it’s sure to grab the attention of customers.

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