How SMBs Can Use Pinterest To Engage With Customers And Drive Sales

Small and mid-sized business, otherwise known as SMBs, can improve their target audience, engage with clients and boost sales with Pinterest, a social media platform where users can share and save content to virtual contents known as boards. According to Forbes, 22 percent of the 53 million unique monthly Pinterest users live in the United States of America. The platform’s website supports various categories, including technology, fashion, art, home décor and others.

Business owners who want to use the online platform to improve their brand need to open business accounts on the social platform prior to setting up their profiles. A password, email account, business name and name of the website (optional) are necessary when opening a business account on the platform. Write an interesting bio, and fill out your profile. Be sure to upload your photo.

Prior to building your brand on the online medium, design images and appealing content you want to include in your boards, categories and blogs. Add your company’s home page URL link to your profile to show authenticity. To bring users to specific pages, add the pages’ specific URLs in the pin descriptions. Make sure that you link your site to your twitter and other authentic social media accounts.

SMBs need to first know their target audience in order to build a brand on the platform. Using Pinterest and third party analytics tools can help you know what clicks with your target audience. An analytics account helps you determine images and content trending from your domain. Make at least four boards focusing around things your audience loves. Users usually pin what they love. Identify who else your clients and target customers are following to know more about their passions, interests and dreams. To engage further with your audience, create two boards that are centered on things that Pinterest users with most likes and repins have a hard time finding, and then offer solutions.

Find boards and users to follow using the “Follow Boards You Love” tool. It is vital that you add a “Pin It” or “Follow me” buttons to your site, so that clients can directly pin or share products or content from your domain. The buttons also allow prospects know you are on Pinterest. Be sure to curate quality infographics and include descriptive texts on the images. Use a tool such as Canva to incorporate eye-catching titles on all images for your blog posts. This, as well, increases the chances of users sharing your product images. Place your brand logo on one corner of your image. To ensure easy and quick sharing, use Alt tags on all images to automatically populate the description fields for the pins.

Create at least two boards centered about your company and products, and pin the products. Remember to also include location, your culture, your values and other necessary information. This enables you to engage more with current and potential customers, and also break boredom among your followers. To humanize your business and employees, make another board, and then share your company events and office images.

Ensure that all boards have cover images and titles. Pin more than five images on new each new board. Add descriptive keywords to your About section. Consider your location and industry when adding keywords to your pages in order to increase your presence in both Pinterest and Google’s search engines. Place hashtags before the keywords. Too many hashtags can look like a spam, so ensure that you use a maximum of three hashtags per pin.
Pinning and repinning images, gifs and videos regularly can help businesses engage more with the customers. Be sure to pin and repin your images at least twice a week. Add annotations to your videos to call your followers into action. Maintain your boards frequently to keep your presence on the platform alive. Create a board for your articles and newsletters, and use the necessary tools to automatically pin them. Make sure that blogs are pinned to the correct categories.

Use the “Me+Contributors” button to allow your followers contribute to your boards. Keep track of the clients’ observations, questions and comments. Converse with them and encourage their comments. To get more out of Pinterest, run contests on your site when launching new products. You’ll also want your followers to participate in DIYs. Search and follow what is being pinned about your company from your website, blog and other social sites.

Conclusively, SMBs can use the Pinterest to build SEO value (and increase popularity); appeal to wide, diverse markets; drive traffic; and get higher returns on investment (ROI), which is essential for brands that incorporate social networks into their marketing mix. Businesses can also create pinboards for their employees to facilitate team communication and team building. Pinterest is about sharing interests and passions, so avoid being so self-referential, pushy and salesy. Just share funny or appealing images and videos with clients and prospects, and they will share with others. This will subsequently drive traffic to your site and skyrocket sales.

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