Hiring The Right People Can Make A Big Difference For Startups

For a lot of startups, finding the resources and creating roles for new people is something that consumes a lot time once you have your product or service plans underway. Fortunately, there are specific skill sets that can help you take your company to the next level when hiring people.

Here are some tips on finding the right type of people to grow your business:

Be strategic when finding key hires

A lot of people define a key hire as someone who has responsibility and cannot be easily replaced once they have started. Early on, almost all your hires will be key hires and you will not likely end up with non-key hires until you expand again later. Because of this, finding people that are versatile and can fit into key roles in your back office is something that should be a priority.

Accountants and payroll people are often some of the first types of people that come aboard because it can be a tedious thing for you and your co-founders to do the management of a firm while you have to personally track all of the costs and revenues. On the other hand, being strategic for some small firms can mean outsourcing the overall accounting and then bringing in a bookkeeper and a payroll specialist to handle the general duties that are non-auditing and control related. In this way you can kill two birds with one stone. You can keep your costs streamlined and you can have impartial numbers created with checks and balances built into the system without having to spend too much money.

Sales people are another group of people that you want to pursue early on. Although you likely do the majority of the sales yourself at some point in your company’s history, effective sales people are the engine that will provide the type of growth that you will continue to need as your company moves along. One of the most important things for a sales person is the notion that a product or service can do well. The better their skills are, the more they normally have a tendency to stay on the sideline regarding coming aboard for your firm if your product or services are not well-developed. One way that you can entice people who are talented in sales to come to work for you right away as you develop your products is to provide them with financial incentive up front instead of primarily commission.

Know where you are as a company

Some of the top companies that have grown out of being startups have paid attention to where they are in terms of company development and then adjusted their hiring strategies to create requirements for employees that match those requirements. If you are a company that is in a rapid growth cycle, the engineers that you bring on for a project today may not have the same characteristics as the engineers that you would hire if you only planned to add one or two people in that departament over the next couple of years.

It isn’t always easy for even management professionals to know the details of the type of person that will best fit their company based upon where they are in their lifecycle. Instead, it is probably more advantageous for most startups to save time and money by using and external consultant that can modify descriptions to match your work environment and explain how to take advantage of what you are looking for in a hire to management throughout your firm.

Ask the right questions

As many HR professionals will tell you, one of the most important things about interviewing is to be consistent in your approach so that you can make a determination based on factors that are pre-determined. At the same time, if there are character or personality questions that arise because you are unsure how well the candidate will fit into your small company environment, it is a good idea to ask some questions that can give you a feel for what type of person they are. One way to do this without seeming like you are asking about who they are directly is to ask them some questions about work-related scenarios and how they would handle them and why. Their answers should give you a pretty good feeling for what you can expect from them. The key thing for you to do in advance, however, is to create a means-based key to work from that awards points or positives for answers that match your culture requirements.

Bringing new people on is always an exciting thing for startups. Making the right choices and using the right strategies can bring you talent and opportunity that can take your firm to the next level.

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