Hiring Help: It’s About Time!

By Sandy Needham

Home business entrepreneurs are reluctant to hire new employees for a
number of reasons. Some have limited office space. Others find the
hiring process to be painstaking. Where do you find competent employees?
How do you screen and interview job applicants? Others do not want to
pay the extra expenses associated with bringing someone new on board,
such as health insurance and worker’s compensation. Still, others think
they can handle additional work all by themselves.

The reasons not to hire are legitimate. Hiring help is costly and a
risky investment. There are definitive limits, however, to a business’
growth as a one-person operation. To expand your home business, start
off by hiring one part-time employee. If you need more help, convert the
part-time position into a full-time position. Depending on your budget
and office space, hire additional employees until it is no a longer
profitable investment. WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO HIRE HELP? It is the
right time to hire help when you can no longer keep up with your
businessí current rate of growth. Key indicators of this condition are:

You are unable to balance the demands of your professional life
with the demands of your personal life. You experience difficulty
in meeting deadlines. You are lacking in a certain expertise, such
as bookkeeping or advertising. Your health is adversely affected by
your workload. Your relationships with family members and friends
are strained. You frequently hire independent contractors to
complete certain tasks. You repetitively turn down work which you
cannot handle. You are preoccupied with menial tasks, such as
typing and answering phones.

Hiring the right person, at the right time, expands your business
operations and satisfies your growing customer base. HBM

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