Generating Online Leads for Your Business

Every business owner knows the importance of leads. Although not all of them convert into sales, they are a good starting point for a small business owner looking for new business for his/her company. The key point with leads is understanding how to generate them continuously. Warming up leads over time is a good way to turn them into loyal customers.There are numerous ways to create relationships, increase interest and consequently gain exposure in the online platform.

Here are seven smart ways you can generate more leads for your small business;

Deploy inbound and outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is way more effective than inbound marketing. Look to incorporate both approaches in a balanced way as this is helpful in generating leads and in the long run, the business.Personalize all email communication and get active in related online communities by sharing informative content regularly as well as solving any customer problems. This helps you establish a healthy relationship with the existing customers and build more leads from referrals.

Send out Newsletters

Sending out newsletters is an essential part of all online lead building strategies. While blogs and books are nice, newsletters catch more people in a place they are unlikely to ignore, their inboxes. The beauty of newsletters is that interested people can sign up to get helpful content. This enables you to update your clients on new services or products that you launch.

Answer Questions

There is no shortage of places to answer questions on the web. There are several sites entirely dedicated to questions and answers like Stack Exchange, Ask or Quora. Major social media sites generate questions and their answers all the time. Facebook groups and forums are often a question and answer format. You could create linked groups.

Create Multi-purpose content

Although creating a newsletter might be one part of your online strategy, it does not hurt to repurpose some of this content. Some potential clients are more likely to read blogs so it is crucial to update these kind of readers. If you have to create less content in order to have a really good articles, then that is fine. You can also curate content to fill in gaps so that you are always giving out really good content. You have to create and share content that is useful enough and that you would also share if it was not actually your job. This is where your audience comes from.

Learn how to curate here

Partner with others and cross promote

Collaborating on a project with other industry influencers can potentially earn you more leads. Partner with other industry influencers who offer slightly different products or service from your own. You can connect with them to host webinars, host a Twitter chat or create an eBook. These methods can help your company in front of new customers.

Alternatively, you could reach out to influencers who are highly respected by your customers for an interview on your blog or social channels. Keep the interview as short as possible by only asking short and sharp questions.


Webinars are very unique compared to any other form of lead generation methods. They provide a more personal experience to all visitors. A webinar is an engaging meeting which involves connecting with many people, talking over the telephone, sharing a screen and answering any questions. Businesses use their expertise or services as the sales pitch. They uncover a solution to the customer’s problems. Webinars are informative and are geared towards converting different participants into potential clients.

Promote your clients

If you have clients who offer services or products, promoting them is a good way to increase your own lead generation. Offering them an audience leads to more awareness of your business and what you have to offer. Lead generation actively comes from participation and sharing current and relevant information.

Finally, you are not alone when it comes to generating leads and your website. A call to action is vital for all key pages in your website if you want the website to generate leads. Create a catchy call to action to ensure that your clients sign up.


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