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In the digital age, information is always just a click away; however, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the most popular sites aren’t always the most reliable. If you’re a small or mid-size business owner and you want to better understand your industry, there are tons of informative websites that can help you do just that. Read on for 30 of them:

1. MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan is an outstanding business school that promotes thought leadership and the ability to partner theory with practice. This is a subset of the larger MIT OpenCourseWare website.

2. Columbia News

On Columbia News, Dean of Columbia University’s Business School R. Glenn Hubbard discusses how he believes MBA degrees have contributed to the positive growth of both business and capitalism on a global scale, driving technological advancement and innovation.

3. YouTube

YouTube might not seem like the most reliable source for savvy financial advice, but there are actually dozens of legitimate channels run by business gurus who really know their stuff. A lot of universities also post their lectures online, and you can watch them for free when you have a few hours to kill. Start with David Brooks’ lecture on “Business Professions and the Common Good,” and see what you can learn to improve your own place of work.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has countless business courses that you can take advantage of when you have the time. For example, What It Means to Buy a Company’s Stock provides a great introduction to the world of investing for those looking to diversity their portfolios.

5. Coursera

Coursera is a great resource for people who want to learn more about the business world but might not have the means to do so. All of its courses are free, and its flexible enrollment periods mean you’re bound to find at least one that fits your busy schedule.

6. Investopedia Financial Investing Tutorials

Investopedia contains a ton of detailed lesson plans on investing and general money management.

7. U.S. Small Business Administration Training Network

The Small Business Administration’s website has one of the best selection of online courses that you can find. Topics include everything from money management and starting a business to international trade and government contracting. The best part? Most courses take just 30 minutes to complete.

8. Boston College’s Front Row

Boston College’s Front Row program allows users to watch video lectures from its many exceptional business courses. Lecturers include men and women like Dean Cycon, owner of Dean’s Beans, a fair-trade, organic coffee producer in Massachusetts.

9. is a free, open-access site that compiles the links for various lectures all over the web. It includes lectures given by distinguished scientists and scholars at conferences, workshops and universities around the globe.

10. TED Conference

TED talks are a great resource for the small businessman. You can find one on virtually any topic. Ray Anderson, an executive at Flor, gives an insightful talk on the business logic of long-term sustainability.

11. Academic Earth

Academic Earth compiles online courses offered by colleges and universities with free digital access for anyone who wants it. There are some highly motivating business courses on their site that take place at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

12. University of California Television

UCTV has some great courses available that delve into owning and operating a small business. It’s important to remember that even the most successful business owners can make mistakes, and UCTV offers a course by Norah Denzel, founder of Intuit, on how to avoid pitfalls in the workplace.

13. My Own Business, Inc.

My Own Business offers a free online course on how to start and grow a new small business. The course is divided into 16 smaller sections, making it easy for busy CEOs to complete it in their spare time.

14. UC Irvine OpenCourseWare

UC Irvine’s OpenCourseWare adds 10 new courses per month, and some of them even offer credits for successful completion.

15. edX

With tons of free online courses, edX offers users the chance to continue their education in a comfortable, laid-back setting. Courses like Entrepreneurship 101 make it easy to learn about modern business tactics.

16. eCorner

Stanford University’s eCorner compiles podcasts that today’s small business man can use to increase his efficiency.

17. Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses contain online courses with the full set of lectures for each one. Viewers also have access to syllabi, suggested readings, exams and problem sets.

18. Cornell

Cornell University’s website posts videos on how leadership works in the academic world, something from which all small businessmen can surely learn.

19. New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT has posted a series of lectures on strategic management, covering everything from data management to behavioral science.

20. Notre Dame

The Notre Dame website contains a series of lectures on business ethics given by Notre Dame faculty members.

21. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has a Small Business Development Center that offers more than 80 free management and business courses online.

22. Financial Management Training Center

The Financial Management Training Center has several free courses that you can download and view at your leisure. If you are seeking Continuing Professional Education credits, you can also take exams for an official evaluation.

23. Free Management Library

Free Management Library offers a free nonprofit micro-eMBA that’s a great resource for students looking to learn more about managing a nonprofit.

24. Bookboon

Bookboon offers hundreds of free business books that you can read online in PDF format.

25. TheStreet

TheStreet University offers a great beginner or refresher course on investing in stocks and bonds.


ALISON has a large number of free digital business courses, and they even offer virtual diplomas for completing the courses successfully.

27. Udemy

Udemy has more than 10,000 online courses, and they range in subject matter from parenting and cooking to marketing and app building.

28. PPC University

PPC University is a free educational resource for people who want to learn more about digital marketing and how it can impact their business.

29. Social Media Quickstarter

Social Media Quickstarter contains a collection of digital marketing guides for the modern world.

30. CopyBlogger

CopyBlogger has a 20-installment course on email marketing, which can increase your revenue exponentially if you do it right.

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