Four Tips on Creating Effective Social Media Campaigns

Being a business owner in today’s age is much different than it was in the past. While business owners used to compete primarily with others in their same geographic area, customers now have the option to shop online. This means you now have competition all over the world.

While you may look at this as intimidating, you could also see it as an opportunity to maximize the potential of your business. Social media has taken the world by storm, and there are some tips you can implement to embark on a campaign that will prove successful and put you on the virtual map.


Going Beyond Like-Gating

Facebook is one of the most popular social media site currently in use, and you can gain a lot of headway by launching your campaign here. Up until August 7, 2014, Facebook allowed for like-gating. You’ve likely heard on commercials or other forms of advertising to “like us on Facebook.” This is because getting more likes on your page increased the likelihood that new potential clients would see your information.

Instead, you should gear your campaign toward action-gating. While it does take a little more work on your part, it is to your benefit. Action-gating means users are required to do something other than simply click on the “like” button. Among the actions could include:

  • Vote
  • Share their email address
  • Receive something such as access to a promotion or an extra entry into a sweepstakes

Although having many likes can increase your visibility, you will have trouble accumulating new leads. Best of all, you can make your campaign available to anyone.



Doing Your Part

Getting your promotion up and available on social media is only the first step. Unfortunately, too many business owners think that once their campaign is launched online, people will flock to their page. Hard work and determination yields the results you seek, and there is no exception to this rule in the online world. Unlike more traditional promotions, however, those online are more cost effective as most of the resources already exist in the forms of your website or social profiles.

There are various things you can do to promote your campaign. For example, you could provide incentives for people to share your information on their social media pages with extra chances of winning.


“Learn More” Button

During the process of creating an ad for your Facebook campaign, you’ll have the chance to add a button, and there are seven to choose from. It’s in your best interest to take advantage of the is option, and the following buttons will be available:

  • Watch more
  • Download
  • Shop now
  • Book now
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Contact us

The button you choose depends on your campaign. For example, if contestants have to buy something to win, a “shop now” button may work best. However, if you’re in doubt, it has been shown that the “learn more” button is your best bet to get people to actively engage.


Limit Required Information

You also have the option to require people to fill out a form in order to participate in your campaign. While it’s only natural for you to seek out as much of their information as possible, keep in mind that, for each field you include on the form, the opt-in rate drops by about 10%. To best ensure you get the information you want without losing potential contestants, consider making some fields optional.


Making Your Mark

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or are a new entrepreneur just getting your feet in the water, it’s crucial that you use the tools now available. The exponential ways in which technology is innovating can be intimidating. However, when you take the time to understand it better and keep up with the changes, you can use it as a powerful tool to maximize your businesses potential. By following these tips, you can launch a social media campaign that will bring you clients from both near and far.


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