Engaging Customers with Video

Video advertising is far different from commercials you produce for marketing purposes. Short videos have become a craze online that everyone participates in, and you must find a way to reach out to your customers using videos. The options explored in this article will help you create videos that your customers will enjoy, and you must find places where your videos will have the most impact.

#1: How Long Should Your Videos Be?

Short videos help you make contact with your customers without boring them. A short video is easy to watch, and a short video is easy to produce. You may make the videos on your own, and the production cost for your videos could be practically nil. Ask your self how much you would watch before making your videos, and keep your videos under a length you deem suitable.

#2: How Do You Make The Videos?

Videos you create for online use cannot look as if they were produced using tens of thousands of dollars in equipment. A simple video that was made with your phone or tablet will look great online, and you will not spend much time working on the video. Your customers want to see a video that is much like something they would do themselves, and simple videos are easier for your customers to understand. You can create more intrigue in ten seconds with your phone than you can with million of dollars spent on a commercial spot.

#3: Share On Social Media

Your business must have social media accounts that you use to share content. The accounts you create will help you share information online with all your followers, and your followers will share your content with others. Sharing your video on social media gives you an instant audience, and your audience will find you with the social media apps on their phones. Save yourself the trouble of forcing your videos down the throats of your customers by posting the videos in open forums.

#4: Try YouTube

YouTube is a great place to post your videos, and you will find an audience for your channel. Anyone who subscribes to your channel will see your videos when posted, and your followers will share information about your channel with others. The videos you spent just a few minutes creating are much easier to digest when in an open forum. YouTube is the most popular forum for online video sharing, and you will learn quickly what your followers want to see.

#5: Try Periscope For A Change

Periscope is a mobile app that links to your Twitter account. You will broadcast your videos online in real-time, and anyone can tune in to see what you are doing. Creating your videos may become a process that people participate in, and everyone who wants to see your next video can watch you make the video. There are several different videos you can create in just a few minutes, and your followers will be excited to see what you have planned next.

#6: Send Videos Through Your App

The videos you create for your business can be sent to customers through your app. You are not forcing customers to watch your videos immediately, but your app can encourage your customers to watch the new videos you make. A new video may tell your customer about a sale that is coming up, or you may create a teaser video for a new product that is coming. Every video you send through your app must be succinct, and your videos must be available on your app at all times. Customers can share your videos with their friends through your app, or they can play the videos for someone else immediately.

#7: Be As Creative As You Like

The videos you create for your company are your chance to be creative. Your customers see your logo, and they understand what you sell. The nature of your business is obvious to most customers, but your personality may not be obvious. Business owners have made themselves the subjects of their own advertising in the past, and you can speak directly to your customers with your own voice. Customers who are not sure what your business stands for will learn quickly what kind of person you are in your videos.

Producing videos that speak directly to your customers will help your advertising efforts more than anything. Create short videos on your phone that can shared over any form of social media, and consider what sort of image you want to create. Social media and open forums will help you share your videos with the world, and the open forum will give customers a chance to share in your creativity. Videos need not be commercials with big budgets when you have a cell phone in your hand that works wonders.

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