Employee Attitudes That Turn Away Your Customers

Your employees interact with your customers every day, and you trust your employees with the only people who create revenue for your business. Employee behavior directly influences how much your customers purchase, and there are several customers running out the door when they meet your employees. The employee behavior explored in this article cause customers to leave your store soon after a chance meeting with one of your associates.

#1: Posting Employees At The Door

No customer wants to be accosted at the door, and employees who stoically guard your front door give an impression that your business is somehow inaccessible. Many customers will not even enter your store in favor of a different location, and bored employees who must man the front door do nothing for your image. allow employees to roam freely when customers enter the store.

#2: Employees Who Have A Need To Be Right

Any employee who sells a particular brand exclusively or argues with customers is not helping your business. Customers are turned off by argumentative employees, and customers who came to your store looking for a particular item may feel turned off when another brand is shoved in their face.

#3: Sloppy Employees Are No Help

Every employee in your store must keep their phone in their pocket, be dressed perfectly and groomed perfectly. Your customers can see that your employees are not dressed well, and a distracted employee on a phone will lose customers who walk out the door. Imagine what your customers will think when an employee cannot look up from their phone long enough to speak to them, and imagine what you would do if you were ignored in the same manner.

#4: Never Promote Future Sales

You cannot let your employees tell customers when the next sale is. There are several different sales that happen in your store, but you cannot tell your customers that there is a better time to buy. Word of mouth could force your customers to come back at another time, or your customers may not come back at all. Employees who make your customers feel stupid for being a particular item today will cut down on your current sales, and the majority of customers who feel silly leaving your store will not come back.

#5: Employees Who Assess Customers Based On Appearance

The employees in your store must treat every customer equally. Customers do not dress to explain how much money is in the bank, and your employees cannot read minds. Every customer who enters your store must receive the level of service reserved for high-end customers who make massive purchases. A customer who is treated well is more likely to make a large purchase, and a customer who is treated as if they have no money will walk out the door never to return.

#6: Needy And Disinterested Employees

Needy and disinterested employees will turn off your customers the moment they are introduced. Your customers know when an employee does not want to be there, and a desperate employee pushes customers too hard to make a purchase. You want to educate your customers while they are in the store, but you do not want to force your customers to make purchases.

Train your employees to be excited about the sales you make in the store, and train your employees to be excited for your customers. Customers who get to share in their excitement over a new purchase are more likely to return to your store. Create an environment where you customers want to return to your store even if they only want to talk. Repeat customers bring more business to your store, and repeat customers create a jovial environment that your customers cannot create on their own.

#7: Disorganized Sales

Disorganized sales cause your customers to feel frustrated when they are ready to make a purchase. There should be a short process that takes you from the greeting to the purchase, and customers who wait aimlessly to be helped are not likely to return. A frustrating sales experience tells your customers that you are not organized as a business, and word of mouth will tell future customers that your business is not worth visiting.

The procedures in this article help your customers have a lovely experience when they visit you. Customer experiences are created by you employees, and disaffected employees will turn your business into a ghost town overnight. You are responsible for the behavior of your employees, and you must complete training that explains how your employees are to behave. Rules and a sales script will go a long way when you interact with your customers, and you must plan training exercises that will make your business look good. Satisfied customers return in the future to make more purchases that create higher profits.

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