Driving Your Startup Towards Rapid Growth

Introducing Effective Startup Management

Today, numerous founders of new businesses find the first few weeks and months of an enterprise challenging. Managing a thriving startup requires both skill and determination. The people in charge face a myriad of decisions. The solutions provided often set the tone for the development of company systems and policies that will continue to exert impacts far in the future.

What steps can an entrepreneur take under these circumstances to help ensure the rapid ongoing growth of a small to mid-sized venture? Several well-established ideas may assist startups:

Number One: Pay Close Attention to Growth Phases

In “4 Definitive Ways to Grow Your Startup,” Rahul Varshneya invokes Paul Graham’s definition of a business startup as ‘a company designed to grow.” He outlines four basic early growth phases encountered by new commercial enterprises. These periods typically include:

  • Initial Building;
  • Early traction;
  • Scaling growth;
  • Establishing optimal rates of expansion.

Each of these startup phases generally occurs during the blossoming of a successful business. For instance, during the initial building phase, the founders struggle to fit a new product or service to the best market. Then a traction stage occurs in which they pinpoint key channels that respond best to marketing efforts. By cultivating the most productive ones, they gently nudge the young enterprise into a period of gradual growth. Finally, as marketing systems gain momentum, growth patterns emerge and company leaders steer the venture into optimal growth ranges to enjoy predictable, steady returns.

By recognizing the unique aspects of each of these periods of early startup development, founders gain a better appreciation of particular obstacles. They can direct a company in the most efficient way towards its next growth phase.

Number Two: Adapt to Complexity

A second important consideration for startup entrepreneurship involves the significant role of flexibility. The company’s management must adapt during the first months and years to a host of unexpected events.

By remaining willing to make adjustments and to focus on the strengths of individual new employees, startup managers provide a supportive environment rather than an ultra-critical one. Intentionally cultivating the startup’s positives usually establishes a happier company culture than focusing on negative aspects of working relationships; managers can essentially remove the barriers to the heightened productivity of co-workers.

Rahul Varshneya urges startup founders to encourage collaboration with other business partnerships and to emphasize the importance of retaining exiting customers, even as the firm recruits new ones. This type of mindset enables the startup to innovate more successfully.

Number Three: Recognize the Importance of Sales

Finally, expert agree that a successful startup’s management team must place the emphasis on encouraging sales at a very early stage in order for the venture prosper. In “How to Grow a Small Business Startup Faster,” Angelica Brown argues that an entrepreneur in this situation should anticipate spending at least 80% of a typical business day promoting sales.

Since new ventures often need to conserve capital, finding creative ways to improve sales figures interests many of the people involved with startup development. Simply throwing money at the problem may not always generate the most productive results. For instance, writer Thomas Smale urges startups to consider ramping up their sales efforts with tactics that include:

  • Develop an effective social media campaign;
  • Review your firm’s website to make signing up new contacts easier;
  • Offer “opt-in” features on your site, such as free newsletters or sales literature.

These types of innovative approaches help retain clients by allowing them to engage more fully with the startup management team. This aspect proves very important as the young business grows in size and begins focusing more specifically on marketing channels that offer the best return on investment. By keeping its earliest customers informed and engaged, the company enjoys a more solid base for future expansion efforts.


Startup founders and managers who make an effort to guide a young enterprise through these challenges often obtain impressive rewards. The thrill of establishing a prosperous, innovative startup venture remains one of the most attractive incentives for creative business leaders.

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