Building a Landing Page that Converts

Building a Landing Page that Converts

All it takes is just one good landing page to boost revenue. Moz, for example, generated $1,000,000 from a single landing page. Conversion Rate Experts had created the landing page for them, showing that hiring a professional can pay off handsomely. Although results like this are at the high end of the spectrum for a successful landing page, you can still generate a decent revenue stream from a good landing page. If you follow our advice below on building a landing page that converts, you’ll see better results.

What Makes a Good Landing Page

Before you create a landing page, you should know what makes a good one. Effective landing pages have a single focus, direct the call to action at their target audience, and use clear and concise language. Headlines must grab the visitor’s attention. It should also be obvious to the visitor what the purpose of the page is when they land on it.

How to Build a Successful Landing Page

Market Research

Building a successful landing page begins with market research. If you don’t know your target audience well enough, how are you going to engage them with your headline and make your call to action irresistible to them? You need to speak their language in order to connect, hold their attention, and get them to take action. Social media, official statistics, blogs, and communities are free ways of conducting market research.

High Demand

After market research, you should check how much demand there is for the topic you want to create a landing page on. A simple way of glimpsing at demand is searching your topic on Google Trends. Look at the one year overview to see whether interest has increased, remained constant, or declined. Also consider how high interest is for that subject.

Effective Templates

Use a proven landing page template, especially if you’re new to creating landing pages. Many landing page templates are based on what works. Your chances of having a high conversion rate is higher when you use a template that’s already known to be effective. This doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it to your business; in fact, you always should. The landing page must reflect your brand to assist in earning a visitor’s trust. Some landing page tools you can use to design effective landing pages are Unbounce, Instapage, Getresponse, and OptimizePress.

The Most Important Parts of a Landing Page

Key elements of a landing page include a headline, supporting subheader, social proof, three benefit statements, a call to action, a reinforcement statement, the top three benefits of your offer, the top three features of your offer, and a closing statement.

Good benefit statements explain your features in terms of benefits because consumers care more about benefits than features. Consumers need to know what’s in it for them. How will your solution improve their lives? Always ask yourself this question to uncover benefits. The reinforcement statement is there to maintain interest. Further down on the page, you should include the top three benefits of your product or service and elaborate on each.

Double Check It’s Focused on Your Target Audience

Look over your completed landing page to see if it’s focused on the visitor. Any areas that focus too much on you or your business need to be revised to focus on the reader. One of the quickest ways to lose visitors is to make the landing page about yourself. It’s an easy mistake to make, so you should consciously check for it.

Mobile Friendly

Another thing to check before publishing a landing page is whether or not it’s mobile friendly. Most traffic comes from mobile devices, so your landing page needs to look beautiful on smartphones and tablets, not just on desktop. You can check if your landing page is mobile friendly using A published page can also be tested for mobile friendliness via Google Search Console.

Don’t Distract Visitors with External Links or a Navigation Menu

In general, you should avoid including external links and a navigation menu on your landing page. You don’t want visitors to become distracted on someone else’s website or even on your own website. The goal is to convert.

Building a landing page that converts is simpler than it seems when you follow the steps outlined above. Although there is a lot to learn in order to master the art of creating landing pages that convert at high rates or bring in a million dollars, don’t let that overwhelm you. Continue creating landing pages, monitoring their results, split testing, and implementing what you learn. You’ll have a converting landing page before you know it when you let go of the need to be perfect and go through the simple process of creating a landing page.

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