Embrace Change and Failure as You Grow as an Entrepreneur

Embrace Change and Failure as You Grow as an Entrepreneur

The only thing that is constant throughout life is change. Unfortunately, it is human nature to deflect change. Not knowing what the future holds or when we have to take risk and go out of our comfort zone can be extremely difficult. However, if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur and life in general, you must be willing and able to change. Shift your focus as change being a skill that is “nice to have” towards a skill that you “need to have”. Individuals who are not willing to embrace change and failure will find themselves in the dust.

With the technological advances that have made waves over the last few decades, being left behind is a grave reality. It only took 16 years for cellular phone use to generate a complete level of adoption. Social media took only a fracture of this, with 100 million individuals using Facebook in just four years. As time goes on, the levels of immersion and adoption lesson. Candy Crush hit a six-figure user rate in just over a year’s time. With technology acting as a catalyst for change, we can apply the same logic to ourselves as entrepreneurs. Learning to accept both change and failure requires mindset shifts and actions.

Change is Good

Although we are naturally predisposed to hate losing and do not see failure as an option, you can change your mindset through believing that change is good. Think of it in a fashion sense. In the 1970s, common trends included bell bottom pants, feathered hair, and wide ties. As time went on, this moved towards perms, fluorescent shirts, and acid-washed jeans. Every decade brings on new styles and if you didn’t change, you would appear outdated to everyone else. Keep this in mind if you are ever worried about change because it is not only good, but it is essential.

Change is Necessary

From a business standpoint, entrepreneurs generally stick to what has worked for them in the past. Especially if you are goal-oriented, you want to keep achieving more and moving forward. If you refuse to change and adopt to the current age, you will likely be left behind. Take website design as an example. It took quite some time before most businesses even felt the need to develop a website, but is isn’t just essential today, it is necessary. With technology changing even more, consumers expect sites to have mobile-responsiveness, enhancing their ability to access the website across various devices. Those businesses that opt not to restructure and incorporate this feature will ultimately lose out on potential clients.

Learn to Fail

Fear of change often comes from the idea that failure is bad. On the contrary, you must be not only able, but willing to fail in order to try new things and initiate change. That being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to fail. Using up too much time and opportunity through a spout of failure can impede on your ability to change. Don’t tie too much of your personal or business potential to any one entity. Furthermore, learn from your mistakes. You never want to battle the same fight twice as it can make for a costly and painful failure instead of placing you on the right path.

Stretch Your Goals

There’s a big difference between hopes and dreams, wishes and goals. Goals are concrete outcomes with specific time frames and actions associated with them. If you set a goal simply in your mind, you may forget it. Instead, chart out a completion date and break it down by steps you need to accomplish the goal. But it doesn’t stop there. Don’t think that your goal is your limit. Try to push yourself further than your original goal. This can be a difficult task as people are hard-wired to meet, not exceed whatever goal they have.

Change and failure are difficult things to embrace, especially as a driven entrepreneur, but it is essential. When you think about change yourself, engage others to help you through it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness and having a support system can make change easier and more successful. Change and failure build and can fuel your future success. These mindset and action shifts put you at the forefront of change!

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