Startups and Negative Customer Service Reviews

Startups and Negative Customer Service Reviews

In early steps of a small business startup, focusing on customer acquisition and validation is all that is essential. In fact, without customers, there is no way a business can start up and grow. However, most people who start businesses for the first time have no experience on how to handle and address customer feedback. As such, the better part of their business early stages receives negative reviews from new clients.

Even when you are deeply engrossed on winning new customers, it is significant that you don’t forget to help the customers you have already acquired. This is because they are the primary source of your new business feedback. Regardless of your client credibility, negative customer reviews are bad news for any startup business and can bring your business crumbling down to a great what are some of the negative customer reviews and how can they impact the chances of success for startups?

Here are some startups’ mistakes that have resulted in negative customer reviews.

Not responding promptly

It ‘s hard to answer to every customer’s question, but you must understand that even the simplest reply can take your business a long way up. If you want your customers to know that their messages are not ignored and lost, then you must at least reply to them. Let them know that your business exists and therefore willing to help them out. In many cases, an automated email can assist in responding to many customers quickly. As such, make sure that you have a manager dealing with this kind of issues.

You are committed to projects outside of your business competency

As a business startup, mostly you will be enthusiastic to over deliver to your customers by prolonging your services into unfamiliar areas away from your business objective. It is important that if you do not plan on running the same type of business, it may be a good idea to refer a customer elsewhere. Maybe your company in its early stages has a no reliable support, and this can be a huge hurdle, but receiving negative reviews from customers can greatly hurt your future business prospects and mislead you what you really should be focusing.

You don’t have a proper or no customer service infrastructure at all

Most small business startups do not usually have the resources or time to establish a system for efficient customer service. Or there are no exact employees are assigned to customer service desk but make the customer service job for everyone. You must know that you will never get a second chance to make the first impression. As such, if your business looks disorganized and scaly, customers with the power to build your business are likely to head somewhere else.

You don’t check-in with customers

In a project-based startup business, it is probable that startups go heads fixed down to getting the work done. Nonetheless, the better part of being in a business like this is to let the customers know what is transpiring. As such, checking in with them and updating them on a regular basis will make them fell part and parcel of your business processes. It is not a good idea to work behind a closed door in a service-based business.

You focus too much on sales at the expense of customer retention

Many startups concentrate on growth at the expense of customer retention. In a layman’s thinking, it is easy to concentrate on growing in order to get more clients. Let the signature of your business success be more customers than in sales growth. But the signature of a long-term business is your customer retention capabilities. Thus as a startup, it is paramount that your primary focus is on customer retention.

You are restricting direct client connection

Often most startups want to ensure that their employees stay focused whether in a production or a service related business from the very first step. However, this is also the time you need to build a reputable name in the market platform. As such, it is advisable to allow your customers to get services directly from you and your employees.

As a startup, it is important that you know dealing with negative customer reviews and angry clients is part and parcel of the business world. The success of your business, however, depends on how you handle this kind of challenges.

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