Business Growth Success Stories – Learning from Dominos Business Redesign

Business Growth Success Stories – Learning from Dominos Business Redesign

With tough economic times still on the horizon, some chain businesses have had to reinvent themselves to garner business from patrons and potentially new customers. These redesigns are making headway in positive ways. One fast-food pizza chain is a prime example of their redesign’s optimistic impact. Domino’s Pizza has made strides to remodel as many of their storefronts as possible by taking on many of the costs at the cooperate level, a message that has been made public through their new ad campaign. Much can be learned from Domino’s business redesign to spark just as much interest from the public for a company.

Incorporate New Stores with Older, Remodeled Stores

Many Domino’s storefronts are receiving facelifts. The brand is also making sure to open just as many new stores in markets that could use one of their storefronts. The reason behind this dual movement throughout a market is to attract new customers to compete with other fast-food pizza chains like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Changing Marketing Campaigns and Food Products

Marketing campaigns have made great changes for Domino’s. Instead of being flat out cheesy with their ad designs, they are more realistic and straightforward with delivering their plans for change and improvement to the public. At the same time, the brand focuses on food that is more delicious and cheesier. So, the company is taking the cheese out of their ads and putting onto their pizzas.

International Markets

Domino’s, as with other fast-food pizza chains, went global a while ago. However, they are still trying to foray into other markets or to improve those markets as much as possible. In the last four years, the brand has opened at least 1,800 storefronts in ten countries, including Brazil and China. In fact, the brand has a total of almost 12,500 storefronts in over 80 countries now. Additionally, they want to also see growth in countries like India, Turkey, and Japan, too. The selling point for these countries is the same model they have promoted in the United States: good food at a good price. In short, they sell an inexpensive luxury item.

Listening to Customers’ Concerns

Some customers moved away from Domino’s Pizza, claiming their product tasted like cardboard. Owning up to these criticisms started a shift in the company’s aim to change these opinions. The company’s CEO, Patrick Doyle, encouraged new and old customers to try their product again after changing to new products, aiming to challenge their disappointment in a positive way.

Changing to Something New

A huge impact on Domino’s happened in 2009 when the company altered its pizza recipe. Improving the core product turned the business around in a magnificent way. In addition to serving pizza, the company has also begun selling sandwiches, pasta, and salads to capture an entirely new market. Their commercials for this change encase focus on families wanting to eat more than just pizza for dinner. They want sandwiches and salads, too. Now, Domino’s is a one-stop shop for all of these items at mealtime.

An essential factor to driving up profits was the addition of their “specialty chicken” strips that come topped with various sauces and cheese.

Changing Up Technology

Domino’s has also learned to make innovations with their technology use, too. Customers can order their food digitally through an online application and through a phone application for mobile devices, too. They want to make a customer’s experience as convenient and easy as possible. This ordering process launched in 2008 and a similar mainframe mirrored this change in-house in 2010. Customers with visual impairments can use these apps to voice order, too, allowing as many people as possible to avoid anxieties about having to make a phone call.

Another essential technological update was the addition of its tracking system. Domino’s Tracker allows customers to follow their pizza in detail as it moves through the creation process, to the oven and travels to their doorstep.

Ring in Those Rewards

Many companies are moving toward a rewards program for their customers. Patrons spend so much on x-number of items to receive the same type or another item in the store for free. Domino’s new point of sale system, PULSE, allows for much the same system to happen. The more a customer spends at the store, the more rewards they will receive in return.


Much can be learned from Domino’s business redesign. This company receives many profit changes. In recent years, their adjusted earnings per share have increased by 26 percent, and their same-store sales have grown 12 percent per year. These rising numbers are proof that Domino’s is a rising star in the fast-food pizza chain market once more. They aim to please their customers in the best way possible, a passion which has propelled many changes in the company. Other companies, both large and small, can learn from these changes to better themselves.

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