4 Steps to Developing a Customer Service Team You Can Be Proud Of

For many of us, our only interaction with customer service is when we find ourselves in need of it. For business owners, developing a customer service team is often a new endeavor. If your business is beginning to expand its customer service team, or you are looking for ways to improve your existing team, here are four steps you can take to develop a customer service team you can be proud of.

Step One: Hire the Right People

This is one of the most important aspects of any customer service team. When customer service issues arise having a person on the other side of the line who is innately cheerful and receptive ensures the customer will be heard and will end the call knowing someone cares.

Step Two: Track Complaints/Develop a Plan

A good business owner understands the common complaints and issues which might arise from their product or service. In addition as the business grows it is very likely the number and types of complaints will also expand. While you may feel confident working with your customer service team on how to handle the complaints of today, by tracking the type of complaints your team is seeing on a daily basis you can continue to develop plans around the correct way to handle those issues. In addition this process can help ensure your customers receive a unified customer service experience whenever they call in.

Step Three: Empower Your Customer Service Staff

One of the common issues seen with customer service teams which fail to deliver high levels of customer service is the customer service representatives feel as though they have limited ability to assist the individuals they are working with. It is extremely important you detail out a clear list of options your customer service team has at their disposal. By empowering your team, you allow them to be contributing members to your staff as a whole.

Step Four: Solicit Feedback/Award Achievements

By emailing or following up with customers who have contacted your customer service team, you provide your business with invaluable feedback on how your current team is doing and where adjustments need to be made. In addition this feed back provides you with the ability to reward those members of your staff are doing exemplary work. By making a point to recognize these individuals, and the service they are providing, you set a clear example to your staff about the priority you are setting on deliver the type of customer service you can be proud of!

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