Avoiding Chargebacks

Avoiding Chargebacks

When a small business owner is trying to make it out in the big business world, there are several things that can make life very frustrating. One of those is chargebacks. I’ve worked with many of you that have had these chargebacks hammer your bottom line. As frustrating and expensive as chargebacks might be, they also offer an opportunity for those merchants that are willing to work on improving their business by focusing on the sales process and improving their store’s performance and helping with customer satisfaction.

The two keys to avoiding chargebacks lie with both doing your due diligence it processing the transaction properly and keeping the customer happy. There are all types of customers out there that have to be serviced and it is up to know how to keep them happy and from returning their merchandise to avoid that chargeback. When selling products online, the description that is given of the product is almost as important as the price. It’s all about communication with the consumer. You need them to know exactly what to expect when they buy from you.

When you put that product up to be sold, you want the consumer to know every detail involved in the transaction. You will want to use clear, concise product descriptions so there won’t be any confusion on the consumer’s part. You will want to include dimensions, weight, and measurements in your description. You will also want find large, clear photos to show the consumer exactly what they are buying. The less surprised they are, the less chance of a chargeback.

Another important detail that goes hand in hand with the description is the shipping expectations. The average consumer has no idea what it costs to ship things from one place to another and therefore is putting their trust in you as the merchant. You will need to provide them with these details to put them at ease. These details can be the difference in that consumer getting their product on the date they had planned on or the consumer calling and asking the credit card company for a refund of their money. You will want the consumer to know when it is leaving the warehouse and who is shipping the item. It is very important for some people to track the package so they know when to expect it. If you have a tracking number, let them know that they will have that option. Let them know who is handling the shipping.

These are small things that can make a world of difference to the consumer. In business, there will always be unsatisfied customers but it is your job to find them and use what information and feedback they give you to sharpen your tools and get it right the next time.

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