Advice for Heating Up Your Business This Summer

It might not technically be summer yet, but it’s here nonetheless. And it doesn’t have to pass your business by the wayside. In the midst of a down economy there are a number of ways to beat the heat, without going to your wallet, while searching for an expanded customer base. Here are our top three ways to reach out to a new class of customers, as the days get longer.

Make the News Work for You

If you’ve flipped through your local paper recently, you’ll see that it doesn’t take a whole lot to get in. Why not you? The paper in the barbershop and on coffee tables all over town can be a great piece of free advertisement. By reaching out to local papers and bloggers, you can hit a sector of the market that drives by your business doors everyday. Run a contest and let the chronicle or gazette in on the action. They get a story to run on a slow news day and you see a few more customers walking through the door.

Don’t Forget, It’s Nice Out

That contest you’re running. How about giving it a summer theme. Relate your business to the 80-degree beach days on the horizon. The main goal is getting people through the door. You’ve helped yourself with the local news. Now make that contest sound like a have-to-sign-up-now kind of deal. This can get a sense of urgency in the people on the fringe. Not to mention it makes that promotion you’ll be running in December seem like a fresh idea in comparison. Any way you do it, by keeping your business related to the season you lower the potential for business to stagnate.

Decorating: It’s not Just for the Holidays Anymore.

While you’re setting up that contest, think about dressing things up for summer. We see beer companies and department stores set up for the season, more often than not before the previous season has ended. You can take the same approach. Before you even get to your storefront or cash wrap, take a took at your website. A couple summertime graphics can take your website from ho-hum to a seasonal experience. In the same vein, it doesn’t take much to turn a hardware store into a summer handyman’s heaven. It’s all about organization and presentation. Try setting up a display of things you already sell in a summer theme. Grocery stores put items you cook together near each other on displays to milk multiple sales from customers. Now you just need to pinpoint your summer sellers and bundle them together. Your loyal customers will notice the difference as they sign up for your summer contest with the new business the gazette drummed up for you.

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