7 Powerful Tips to Develop High Performing Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is a powerful asset in getting great conversions for your website. Of course, each niche works differently in the way they build conversions through landing pages. However, there are some tips that consistently work and help you optimize your page for the best ROI results. Take a look into killer strategies to beef up your campaign and create an effective marketing plan to build high performing landing pages.

Consistency Between the Brand and the Message is Key

In all businesses, you can’t go around and say you’ll do something without backing up your claims. That’s like saying you’re an expert in basketball yet you constantly shoot bricks. Many advertisers fail to execute a great ad and back it up with delivering a great landing page. That’s where you have to be different. Flawless execution is key especially when turning a prospect into a supporter. The landing page has to match the ad seamlessly. Your target audience wants to make sure everything flows together. There has to be a certain synergy with your brand that’s undeniable.

Change Your Sign-Ups Based on Different Demographics

Not everyone is going to support your brand because everyone has a different cup of tea. You’ll have change the status quo a few times before you get major results. Small changes like a couple of new phrases, fonts, and sign-up buttons may entice someone to look longer but it doesn’t guarantee a conversion. If you’re just starting out, this could take time. Everything from the look of the landing page, the message, and the ad copy all plays a part in the effectiveness of your campaign. That’s why it’s important to put energy in testing the waters. Create some real statistics to see what landing pages are the best for your audience.

Find the Best Position for Your Landing Sign-Ups

As you begin to test out your landing pages, make sure you create different positions for the forms. Some forms do better with left positioning. Other forms convert well with right positioning. It’s better to be safe than sorry and try a number of variants. Think of it like placing an ad on your content page and finding out how it performs along with the text and images. Some places just resonate better than others but you won’t know this small detail without testing it first. This is not the most dynamic part of creating effective sign-ups, but the end goal is to get a definitive lead.

Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Mobile Ready

Creating a good mobile site always puts you a few steps ahead of the game. Most people are constantly on the go or they find it much easier to handle tasks on a mobile device than a laptop. Another thing is you cater to the human need of “right now.” The mobile crowd is a bit more impulsive because mobile sites are a lot easier to scroll through and get straight to the point. A desktop site has more “junk” to sort through to finally get to the meat of the message. As a result, there’s a better chance conversion rates will increase.

Build a Powerful Call to Action

A simple “click here” or “submit” is not going to evoke emotion in your prospects. You need an action that motivates the people such as “Begin Your Action Here”, “Let’s Go”, or some kind of phrase to entice them to click. The landing page is the bait while the call to action to submit remains the hook, line, and sinker. You need both to get the lead, but it’s all about how you follow through. That’s why you need a strong call to action to get your prospect to convert.

Use Powerful Words in Your Landing Pages

It’s important to add that human element by getting in the customer’s mind as well as writing the right words to stimulate the need to convert. Using words such as “safe”, “comfortable”, “relax”, and even “again” all evoke some kind of mind stimulant. Use your persuasion to invoke humor, fear, or happiness into your prospect’s mind. Psychological warfare is all apart of marketing because you need to create an alarm that goes off in your prospect’s mind.

Create a Video to Increase Audience Retention

People have a low attention span especially if they are reading text. The first couple of lines can mean the difference in leaving your site for good or staying to buy something. Video gives them the option to hear what you have to say. It’s much more entertaining, there’s a personality to go with the content, and you can show them live visuals in the video. Also, if you do find supporters, they can easily share the video across different social platforms. Having both text and visual content is a killer combination that will help you stand apart from your competition. However, the video is the icing on the cake – the extra step you need to draw in your prospects and create better conversions.

Try all of these steps to see what works well with your customers. Of course, each demographic responses differently to a particular page. Creating a good landing page takes time but persistence will take your conversions to another level.

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