6 Myths About Affiliate Marketing

6 Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the path to riches for many marketers new to the Internet. But before you even start, you might have heard some various opinions about affiliate marketing. There might even be some folks telling you things that are not true. You’re better off not listening to myths as they’ll steer you the wrong way. Let’s look at six of the most common affiliate marketing myths and why myths like these get started.

Why Are There So Many Affiliate Marketing Myths?

Any activity that requires some skill will have some people who don’t quite understand how it all works. Affiliate marketing is a skill that needs to be learned. It’s much more complicated than just throwing up a few banners on your site. Because of the knowledge required to be a great affiliate marketer, some people may just toss in the towel and invent lies instead. The end result is that there are a lot of myths that surround affiliate marketing right now.

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Here are six myths about affiliate marketing and the real truths that they obscure.

  1. Myth: It’s hard to be successful with affiliate marketing.

There’s only a limited number of opportunities if your mind believes it to be so. Affiliate marketing is something that anyone can do if they are willing to learn how it all works. Each affiliate network has a set compensation plan upon which they will reward you for your leads. As long as you make sure that they’re going to pay you, just keep sending leads their way. You don’t need lots of money or experience, but you have to be willing to learn about what works in online marketing.

  1. Myth: You should always focus narrowly on one niche.

Marketers tend to flock to the most profitable niches for a reason. People believe that they will make the most money in these high-payout niches. While it’s certainly true that you’re going to make money in hot niches, keep in mind that certain niches are only successful for some people. A hot niche won’t necessarily be a good moneymaker for you. Each niche demands different characteristics from people who are promoting it. So make sure you find a niche that matches your own personality.

  1. Myth: You only need one decent affiliate program to be successful.

Affiliate marketing companies are all competing against each other with their products. You have to keep in mind that your customers are going to comparison shop. It makes sense that you select a few different affiliate products that complement each other well. If you’re marketing nutritional supplements, sign up for a few different affiliate networks to increase your chances of a commission.

  1. Myth: Promote as many different affiliate programs as possible on your website.

Don’t get greedy and start throwing a bunch of affiliate links on every page of your site. Overloading your pages with money links can make you seem desperate for a click. The real problem is that you start presenting the visitor with too many choices to make. Most affiliates do much better by picking a single or a few closely related offers to promote on each page of their site.

  1. Myth: Consumers don’t like affiliate marketing.

Customers want information about certain products. They also want to comparison shop around the web. In other words, they don’t want to go straight to Amazon or eBay to buy the product. They first want to visit sites like yours. By providing good content, you’re helping people decide on how to spend their money. As long as you’re putting out helpful content, you’re providing a valuable service to consumers.

  1. Myth: Affiliate marketing is dying and won’t last much longer.

Many people believe this “demise of affiliate marketing” meme because Google has changed the way that they rank websites. Google has somewhat devalued the algorithmic ranking of websites based solely on how many backlinks you have. This makes it harder to rank with just links, a classic affiliate marketer-ranking tactic. But as times change, so will affiliate marketers. Instead of relying solely on backlinks to rank, online affiliate marketers need to be putting up solid content that attracts genuine social sharing.

Don’t be afraid to get your affiliate links out on the web now. It’s a little bit harder than it used to be, but affiliate marketing is here to stay.

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